Feb 24

Sasquatch Pays a Visit

These events took place in 1998-1999 on 200-acre farm my wife and I were renting outside of West Chester, Pennsylvania. As most of these occurrences happened throughout the year, it really ramped up in the winter months. Here’s what happened.

The secluded house we were renting with our four boys (young at the time) was a quarter of a mile from the road. Throughout the months, we began to notice odd noises in the night and had the feeling of being watched. Our bedroom window faced deep woods that bordered a corn field. We would hear odd grunting sounds, sudden foul whiffs of what can be described as a hot day at a zoo, and the ongoing sound of trees snapping by some unseen heavy object breaking branches.

One day in the fall, after clearing out brush in the northern part of the farm, I saw a huge shadow behind a tree not 30 feet from where I was unloading the leaves. It was a good size, whatever it was, and seemed interested in what I was doing. I got a whiff of that same foul odor. When I called out to see who was there, I got no response. I hightailed it back to the house. I didn’t tell my wife as I didn’t want to scare her or the kids.

It started to get worse. In January, we had a heavy winter storm blow through. The snow fell so heavily that several feet accumulated overnight. I went out to warm the car to get ready for work and noticed large footprints coming out of the woods. The scary thing was that they stopped near our bedroom window. They were the only prints visible. They were very large and spaced so far apart that I had to run and jump from print to print. I went to work mystified and a little shaken.

1794747_215318675332447_1173135888_nWhen I got to work, I called my wife on her cell and told her to locate my rifle and hang onto it. What she told me next sends shivers down my back just thinking about. She was sobbing hysterically, and when I calmed her down she told me why.

She said that the heavy snow and ice broke a tree branch and it had fallen on our power lines. When she went out investigate what happened, the ice was so thick on the snow that she fell and slid down about 30 feet from the house. As she started crawling back toward the house, she saw a tall, dark shape come toward her.

She described it as smelling awful, black hair all over it, and about seven feet tall. She couldn’t see its face. There are no bears in our area as we are rural to a city. It was so big and heavy it was breaking through the ice.

In a panic she scrambled as this creature came toward her. She made it back to the house, fell to the floor, and kicked the door shut behind her. She could hear the creature banging on the walls. She quickly got my rifle and took the boys to the back bedroom.

Eventually, the banging stopped and she could hear crunching snow leaving the front porch area. We don’t know if the creature was trying to help her or hurt her. Needless to say, we moved out as soon as the lease ended.

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  1. Steven P

    Love stories like this, why would somebody make it up? They have no logical reason to, which makes it that much more plausible. Bet they had some sleepless nights after that.

  2. joann m

    I know, right? I was thinking why did he wait til he got to work to call and tell his wife to get the shotgun. He should have done that before he left the house if he was that concerned. Scary!

    • Sara C

      This is something I’ve often thought about, myself. I wonder if it’s about respecting human boundaries, or if it’s just a matter of a Sasquatch simply not realizing that it *could* just break down a door or tear through a wall.

  3. Tracy G

    I’ve spent the majority of my life in the woods.Im 47 now,and have from time to time in the woods, have gotten that spooky feeling,like,I’m being watched! I always just passed it off as just letting my mind get the best of me.
    I now know from talking to some people here,that I most definately being watched! I’ve believed in these things for years,but always thought that they were harmless. After my encounter,and all of the things I’ve since learned,I can’t help but wonder,How many times in my life,was I being looked upon as a potential meal?

  4. Jimmy

    I live a stone’s throw from West Chester, PA….about 20 minutes. Knowing this really has me intrigued. Every week i travel through the Valley Forge/Phoenixville PA area. I always wondered if it were possible for these creatures to be around the more wooded areas there. Very interesting.

  5. larry h

    the woman was very lucky, and I cannot believe that these creatures are harmless or are friendly, they are wild animals. And I have never herd of a wild meat eater wanting to help a human except to the dinner table.

  6. jamie smith

    Very lucky lady !!! For it to approach like that and bang on the walls was a message too leave the area . I have noticed that they do not like change , because here in Australia ,where I go I have left sticks piled up on the track in the long grass and when we went back all the sticks where smashed into splinter sized pieces and I have done this for over 9 month’s now and in different places too with the same result. I have found that trail camera’s only keep them away ,they just stay away until it’s removed .

  7. willowswhispers

    Geez, sure glad I went back thru the blogs again..somehow I had missed this one. Thanks for sharing this encounter. The fear of this woman, compounded by having 4 young boys in the home..absolutely terrifying! I would receive a big F for putting on the brave front for the children. I am 60 and since being aware of self my biggest fear has been windows with no curtains at night! I have always know there were things in the night watching ugh!!

  8. WindshieldSquatcher

    I think the tripping thing triggers the predator response. Wasn’t there another story like that recently? Remember Montecore the tiger that attacked the guy from Siegfried and Roy when he stumbled? I think their instinct just takes over and they lose it.

  9. Don V

    I know it is terrifying for the folks this happened to but at the same time my curiosity about these creatures would have drove me to investigate and try to document. I would love to check out this property!!

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