Jul 27

Sasquatch in my Arkansas backyard


FORT SMITH, Arkansas — A 24-year-old man says he was surprised by a big creature he believes to be a Bigfoot in his Arkansas backyard.

Josh Spence, a boxer who is also a rapper that goes by the name of Dante Ray, said that he noticed the animal when he went outside to smoke a cigarette at about 9 a.m. last January.

“I went to pee in the backyard and I seen bushes move. It was a clear day,” he said.

Curious about the movement, Spence reportedly approached the disturbed vegetation to see what it was. Then, he says, the unexpected happened. “Something jumped toward me. It was about 450 pounds and 6-foot-5.” He claims that it had very bright brown eyes, almost red, and that its teeth were brown.

“It screamed like a bear.”

Spence says the encounter took about 8 seconds. He then felt threatened and ran inside the house. But the young boxer wasn’t hiding. “I went and got the gun but when I came out it was gone,” he explained.


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  1. Linda G

    I’ve been to Arkansas many times when my daughter lived there. Lots of good places to hide… it’s so green and overgrown with all the rain they get… hundreds of lakes. Lots of animals too. Plenty to eat!

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