Dec 23

Sasquatch Evidence Presented

UAMN TV writes “StarWorks USA, 2021 Expo – In this presentation, Jim Myers will share what Sasquatch have in common with humans, including families, feeding grounds and being protective of their own kind. They are a very psychic and conscious species, are self-aware, and have self-identity. Their behavior, creativity, reasoning and emotional interaction with human species prove that we are all intelligent cohabitants of this planet. Furthermore, Jim will share their multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional existence and their possible relationship with extraterrestrials. Are they the true keepers of Mother Earth and an integral part of the Great Oneness?

Jim Myers has been an avid Sasquatch believer for most of his adult life, but only in the last eight years has he moved from Bigfoot believer to Bigfoot researcher. Jim and his wife, Daphne, own a unique store in Bailey, CO called The Sasquatch Outpost”

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