Jul 24

Sasquatch Chronicles Gear

I have some other items I am going to add like beenies, hoodies, ect. Here are some of the items coming to the website. I have both Men’s and Women’s sizes and cuts. Look for them in the near future.


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      • Jay Carlsen

        OH I HEAR THAT ! ( just broke my Good One ! Knocked it off the Counter Top…… ) The smaller Cups do make the Coffee Pot last longer . ( But Who Cares about THAT ? I am a Coffee Drinker , More so after Quitting Drinking in 2000. ( I got sick of sitting in Jail ) I Much Prefer coffee from my ol Time Percolator Pot , Than that of the Instant Coffee Packs they serve in Jail !
        I have LOVED The Cup , Since the first time I laid eye’s on it !
        WOW ! I am as Giddy as a Child the day Before Christmas !

    • cyndie r

      I meant that I would Glow in the dark it. Sometimes I like to paint all of the white parts with glow in the dark fabric paint. This is one of those times when it will look stunning. I would be happy to do one for you. What size do you wear?

  1. Dave T

    Sweet! When does the pink teddy come out? Definately getting one for the wife. She’ll hate it and I’ll love it all at the same time. We need some cool looking baseball caps too. Can’t wait to get some SC gear.


    I want one that says “Sasquatch, Darwin’s bastard” LOL!!! Cool looking shirt, if I show up at the town hall with that on, they will flag me for reduction for sure!!

    • Indignico

      What if just the eyes were glow in the dark…. A little iron-on eye-glow to scare the Missus as you head back to bed after shuffling to the bathroom and back around about 3:43 a.m.–which could be high noon by the Sasquatch clock for all I know—anyway getting off track here—the point is glow-in-the-dark fabric paint for the eyes of the BigFoot on your Sasquatch Chroicles nightwear.

  3. JOHN E

    Ok Bud Please have a XXXL sizes ok ..X Football Guy…Was wondering when this would come I want to wear this stuff like this not something stupid saying I looked on E Bay not much out there so ya bring it on Wes….

    • Papa - Yeti

      Giggles. If Base ball caps, that what colors? Red cap and bill with black insignia on front of cap? Charcoal grey cap and bill with dark red Sasquatch Chronicles insignia? Mint green cap and bill, with white Sasquatch Chronicles insignia? I am listening to tonight dog man enters show; simultaneously reading over the Sasquatch Chronicles. Scary DME show tonight.

  4. Papa - Yeti

    I will be ordering black Sasquatch Tee XX and then when it arrives I’ll be cutting off the sleeves and wearing it with my Black Carartt Overalls, and Black Boots. In the future maybe there will be XX sized Long Sleeved Red Tees with Sasquatch Chronicles in black block print running down the sleeves. As for Ball Caps, no need for them. Commando.

  5. Mike B

    Ya know.i cant download you guys from blog talk any more.i can download from here.therefor its probly bogtalk.i hate to tell ya this but you might have to make all your shows downloadable from here.get around blogtalks issues.oh,i could’nt find a better place on this site to let you know.sorry

  6. Steven D

    Awesome. We have been hoping that you would do this!! It would also be cool if members might get a discount . My wife is looking forward to getting your hoodie. Thanks for all you do for us Wes

  7. Richard C

    Hey Wes, know what I always thought would be cool to own. Is a copy of an actual Bigfoot cast, maybe with a story behind it, or the name of the researcher and where it was taken. It could even be marked on the back as being a copy (not the original). Personally I’d love to have the opportunity to purchase one. Maybe this could be a way for Bob Garrett, Coonbo to make more money to fund their research? Just a thought.

  8. Matt f

    anybody tell me how or where to order merchandise?Cant find anywhere to click or a link to purchase.Love to buy so swag but swag cant be bought.Help

  9. Papa - Yeti

    I am not sure who was self appointed or appointed by Wes, to run the Sasquatch merchandising, but as I had stated way back, I had a place that is owned by a silk screen artist, and I was going to get back to you with the arts shop, with the information to contact them. But do to a worsening eye condition, which has kept me from being able to drive. Well today I was finally able to stop by the shop/ store.

    -To enquire about, if they would be able to creature the attire as well as the Car / Truck window decals, as well as silk screening on Ball caps, and Creating bumper stickers, this guy does it all, the products are quality, and he can obtain any grade tree shirt (quality). SO the Silk Screening Artists Email and contact information is: PI – /as in Pigraphics.Biz that’s the name of the Business. / the email address is all lower case: mike.pigraphics@ yahoo.com run that all together for the link connection. If you need to obtain his phone number and the shop address, message me on the forms and I will give that to you, but for now Here again is the email address: mike.pigrafics@ yahoo.com (run it all together for the email link.

    I looked around the shop at his wall displays of his graphic arts, and was impressed with the quality and artistry the racks of shirts were of good quality and creative designs. And his rig, his sport truck had elaborate custom paint job. So if the Sasquatch Chronicles attire, ball caps, car window decals, and bumper stickers. Make sure that Wes has pre approved this venture as there may be laws and taxes. Discus franchising and all with Wes Germer, after all it is his website. Also here in the state of Oregon, there is no state sales taxes. Which will keep the costs down… As well, you’ll want to discuss what artists to chose, on if it will be the Silk screen artists own designs based upon your suggested impute, or will it be of a S.C artist members designs presented to Mike at the Silk Shop. You’ll need Wes’s approval and your work in doing all the contact. I am done here, as I have my family priorities and commitments, to take care of. Thanks . Papa – Yeti.

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