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Sasquatch attempting to break into her home

The Lummi Indian Reservation is in the inland northwest corner of Washington, 8 miles (13 km) west of Bellingham and 20 miles (32 km) south of the Canadian border in western Whatcom County….

After receiving several reports of Sasquatch sightings on the Lummi Nation Indian Reservation, Lummi Police Sgt. Ken Cooper was called to the residence of 78-year-old Emma Smith on the night October 23, 1975.

She reported a bigfoot attempting to break into her home, and she had fled in terror. Sgt. Cooper found the plastic on a storm door torn and the door’s wooden frame splintered. Boards has also been torn from a nearby smokehouse, but he could not find the creature, nor any person.

He returned to the residence around 2:30 a.m., shining the spotlight from his patrol car into the woods. He found a group of seven people already there, with their own spotlights set directly on a huge seven-and-a-half foot (2.3 meter) tall “hair creature”—a bigfoot.

Cooper aimed his 12-gauge shotgun at the creature. Concerned that it could be a human in a costume, he yelled, “If there’s somebody just fooling around you better knock it off because we have weapons.” The creature just crouched down. As Sgt. Cooper stepped forward, the creature lowered himself even further until only his head was showing above the brush.

For 20 minutes, Sgt. Cooper and the other people stared down the crouching “hair creature” until they heard noises in the brush to their right, and people said they were seeing more bigfoots there.

At that point, Cooper decided it was time to leave the scene.

He returned to the location after dawn and found bare footprints in the frost-covered ground. He measured the footprints. They were 18 inches (45 cm) long and 7 inches (17 cm) wide.

Over the coming weeks, the Lummi Tribal Police received over 100 reports of sightings of bigfoot creatures. Sgt. Cooper himself saw bigfoots two more times shortly after the first encounter.


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23 Responses to “Sasquatch attempting to break into her home”

  1. Frankie P

    How did she get the strength to leave with it maybe right there still? And the police “left the scene”??? Lot of good that does anybody. WTH? Poor people…

  2. Karey E B

    Wes, I bet getting reservation police on the show would be AWESOME–can you IMAGINE the stories they have??? If they’re similar to this one, THAT’S A GOLDMINE OF INFO/STORIES!!!

  3. James B

    Hey Wes, How close is that to you or Woody? Stay safe, the Big Fella is really acting strange I think this will be a very exciting summer. If these Docs can put these electric rods in my back like they want I might be able to get back to the woods but I wonder what is going to happen with a battery stuck inside me with those two polls shooting electronic current back and forth so I feel no pain . lol. just thought of something wonder ir it will protect me from there stuns???

    • DrAaron

      I have 4 patients with implants that have varying success. The ion batteries charge when the patient lays supine over a magnetic charging pad the resonates through the muscle tissue. Best of luck to you!

    • Curtis T

      I have had the spinal cord stimulator implanted in me. I had 2 hip replacements, fractured my pelvis in 36 pieces, all ony left side, believe me I can now walk 5 miles or more, ride a bike and taking back up self defense it works

  4. cyndie r

    Yeah 20 minutes is an awfully long time to be in a stare off with a wild creature. I have tons of questions like what did it look like? hooded nose? skin color? hair on face? facial expressions? etc. etc. etc. Then how do you leave the scene and leave 7 other individuals armed only with a spotlight? I can’t comprehend that. I am not saying it didn’t happen. Just saying it seems like an extremely odd thing for a police Sargent to do.

  5. Curtis T

    What was this creatures motive. To forage for food, kidnap and eat a child or maybe try to mate. Scary shit, nothing anyone could do alone or bare-handed, nothing.

  6. Ryan P

    Hey Wes thanks for posting this. I live in BC just over the border at the base of the Cascades. Lummi Island is only 35 minutes from my place. I’m very familiar with that area as my parents use to moor one of our boats in Ferndale which is in between Bellingham and the border, 10 minutes from Lummi. I guess in the 70’s that area was probably more rural. There are allota trees but no continuity to the land. The base of the Cascades are probably 15 miles to the east from there, as Lummi is right on the ocean. That area has always been known for prolific salmon migrations and I wonder if back then these creatures migrated there for that reason.? That area along with where I live in BC is one giant fertile delta… in farming, poultry, dairy and corn, I’m sure these creatures utilized these sources as well and may very well to this day.?!


  7. Karen C

    1975, That’s a while ago, but you never really heard about these experiences. Today you do, this poor Lady must have been so scared. I would also like to here stories from the Reservations…

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