Jun 16

Roger Patterson Interviewing Witnesses

This video comprises the known publicly available footage of Roger Patterson interviewing witnesses.

4 Responses to “Roger Patterson Interviewing Witnesses”

  1. Rhiannon D

    Those are so interesting, Wes. It hasn’t occurred to me that Roger Patterson would have made films of people telling their stories (but of course that makes sense. Do you know if the footage was made before or after the Patty film I wonder?)
    I love the way that the witnesses’ stories have lots of elements that we hear from the witnesses in your podcasts – like the recently logged area too remote for a random hoaxer to lay tracks, and the interesting foraging details given about the creatures turning over rocks ‘not using their thumbs’ (not really something you’d think to make up). Also the classic ‘raising up’ of the creature from the ditch (which was demonstrated!!), the hunter’s confusion at not being able to pigeonhole the creature as either man or beast, and the camping couple being so terrified that they couldn’t start the car. Also cool to get the Native American woman’s take that “to me he’s just another person.” Really fascinating, thank you for finding it.

  2. Charles R

    I had no idea that Roger had filmed these so many years ago, really ahead of the game. One of the earliest Sasquatch stories I read about was the family unit taking out rocks and stacking to find rodents to eat. I did not realize this originated with Roger Patterson. Such a shame he passed so young.

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