Aug 3

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin Interview

Todd from The Sasquatch Archives posted this interview but the audio was so bad I cleaned it up and reposted it. Todd posts some cool archive content. Check out his channel here

On October 26, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were interviewed on radio by Jack Webster in Vancouver, following the showing of the Patterson-Gimlin film at the University of British Columbia that same evening. Fortunately, John Green had a copy of the interview in his cassette tape collection. He graciously permitted me to make a copy of the recording and all of his other cassette recordings as well. These will later be added to this channel.

Until now, and after a long 53 years, the interview had not been made public.





8 Responses to “Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin Interview”

  1. Bob V


    What I found interesting is how they were worried there were others around.

    This adds to the theory Patty was leading the two toward others.


  2. Ron S

    One of the most controversial and debated pieces of film and topics in history. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if Patty is real or isn’t…the film is something of a curse for anyone involved…you either live with a lie that people won’t let you forget, or you truly capture something that you have to tell people you don’t have any answers for and live with those frustrations.
    That’s the sad fact for all of us with our own true accounts of the unexplained. There will always be opposition and people calling you one of the crazies or a liar, especially nowadays where people type angry or offensive thoughts behind the anonymity you can obtain online…They do so because they feel you have offended them or their view of reality…or maybe they were just having a bad day and needed to vent. Years ago I would’ve guessed it would turn out be the opposite and people would co.e together from all over in a much better way.
    Seems to me, wherever you find something that is a division in humanity, you won’t have to look too far upstream to find the source. Usually the source is driven by something larger with the motive of greed, fame, power etc….likely though a sin of some kind. There definitely is a force trying to drive us to not trust one another or only so much, to divide and conquer in smaller and smaller tribes. Sometimes it’s better to introduce yourself to your neighbors and find out for yourself what they’re like in person before assuming the worst.

  3. Rhiannon D

    What relentless interrupting! The interviewer is curious and apparently open minded like the lovely Wes but his tone sounds so aggressive in comparison. It’s very interesting that the recollections of P +G sound just like the witnesses on SC – like they are recollecting from memory and not making it up as they go along or pulling from a pre-determined lie. It was really interesting to listen to, thank you

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