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Reflecting On Strange Events

A listener writes “I did not think a lot about my experiences. I have come to accept the fact that some spooky stuff happened out there. I know this experience is not a sighting but these events are far too similar to others who have had sightings.

I live 25 years of my life next to this property. It was an unused mostly wooded area. One 5 acer field next to our house and a 1 acer pond almost dead center of the property. The whole property was about 100 acres. The 50 acres with the field belonged to someone in Kentucky and the other 50 with the pond belonged to Mr. Belcher.

Mr. Belcher did not want anyone to ever fish this pond or go on his property. Once he escorted me and Dad out there when I was about seven. He never said why. Dad just thought him being old, wife had passed many years earlier on children never visited. Anyways the majority of the time I stayed on the 50 that wasn’t his. He passed away sometime around 2000.

1. In April 2007 I walked back to the pond to do some fishing. As I got within 50 ft of the pond I could smell something like rotten animal, dead fish and skunk mixed all together. I thought for sure I would be able to find the source of the smell but after walking around the inter pond and looking everywhere, there was nothing to be found. I decided to go ahead and fish as the smell had oddly disappeared. The sky was overcast, it was about 4pm and it was dead quiet.

I stood on the dam side of the pond and made a cast. On my second cast almost right after my lure hit the water directly behind me the sound of what can only describe like a hickory baseball bat hit an oak tree. I thought that was weird but I’ve heard it before many times out there. Thought nothing of it. Reeled it in and threw another cast and again the lure hit the water the same sound behind me. This time I immediately turned around and started looking for someone causing the sound. I waited about a min looking for any movement but saw nothing. Ok it’s super quiet and still. I decide to cast again and no shit the same thing happens. Usually I would carry a pistol with me but not today. I decided to go home then. Made it home and nothing else happened that day.

2. October 2007 Deer shotgun season. I had been hunting around the woods around the pond for about 2 hours. It was getting close to dusk and was walking back to the house from the pond. It’s about a half mile from the pond to the house. While walking up the dirt road about halfway between the pond and the house when to my left I hear footsteps. When I stop walking the footsteps stop. This is an old growth hardwood forest. I can see at least 30 yards into the woods no problem but I don’t see anything making the footsteps. I walk a little and can hear the footsteps again. I stop and the footsteps stop. At this point I decide enough of this game and jog the rest of the way home checking over my shoulder from time to time.

3. Feb 2008 2am I was awakened to a helicopter hovering with no lights on at treetop level about 50 yards behind the house. It stayed there for about 5 min then flew off away from the house. IDK what that was about but again didn’t think anything about it.

In July 2008 I moved away. Since then the properties were divided up and is now a subdivision. I went back last year with my son just to show him, Spoke with the current owner who has a house next to the pond. He listened to my story but probably thinks I’m crazy. I asked him if he had anything weird happen, just foxes stole some of his chickens.

Thanks for your podcast and allowing people to share their stories.”

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  1. Charles R

    I’m quite sure your experiences are not unique and have happened to countless individuals that will never know what the heck was going on. I do thank you for sharing your experiences, just wonder where this was happening.

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