Dec 13

Please subscribe to these guys on YouTube

I want them to pump out more great tunes!

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  1. Rich A

    I love this song and I hate it. I love it cuz it’s a great rune and a perfect way to end the show. I hate it because it signals the end of the show. Yeah, I agree. Wes, you have cool and unique taste of music.

  2. Christopher c

    Wes ,when you turned us on to Pompeya you did a good thing ,I would first start by finding out the artist last year and then I started to try out some of their other songs and wow!,now I have a true affinity for 80′ style synth music and boy did Pompeya deliver! I mean I felt like a kid again and not in the way one feels when they hear an actual tune from the 80’s that makes you feel young and old at the same time no-Pompeya was something refreshing with that 80’s sort of twist but at the same time didn’t make me feel old-yeah I can say Pompeya was just what the doctor ordered and me and my wife both subscribed last year and we are hoping they will come visit the S.F. Bay area sometime so we can go see them live thank you Sasquatch Chronicles!

  3. Eva S

    Thanks for the link, Wes! I have always wondered where you found your opening music, too. Someone recently said something about your opening stating she could do without the “5..4..3..2..1” countdown but I love it, Wes as a matter of fact, I miss that the countdown does not include the zero anymore! Where does the opening music come from? Who does that song? Thanks! eva

  4. Gabriel H

    Way back at the beginning of this crazy ride that is Sazzkwoughtch Kraw’nicklz… I was nearing the end of nearly the first run of this crazy train, when suddenly Pompeya was gracing my ears with their tune ’90.

    Now, being the musical genius I am (not to mention handsome, funny, and wise beyond my years) naturally, I fell off my chair. How does that happen from a recliner you may ask? Well, sit back and feel th’flow ’cause I’m about to get REEL

    Back when SasChron was in its infancy, I was delighted with these guys Wes & Woody. Their personalized style was instantly apparent. Needless to say I was impressed. But man… I gotta tell us. When Wes played Pompeya at the end I squealed an incredibly loud squeal with my inside voice. I knew of Pompeya. In that moment Wes became (to me) the second person I was aware of, that was aware of them 🙂

    The Rest…
    Is His Tree

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