Oct 26

Paul Freeman Speaking at a Western Bigfoot Society Meeting

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Ray Crowe (1931–2015), founder of the Western Bigfoot Society (WBS), used to hold monthly meetings for WBS.

Sometimes these meetings took place in a restaurant. Thanks to Larry Lund, we have some footage of Paul Freeman (1943–2013) speaking about some of his alleged evidence finds and sightings. This footage is from October 30, 1997 to commemorate the 30th (and 10 day) anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin film.”


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  1. Linda B

    I heard very recently that Paul Freeman spent ten years investigating bigfoot, and it’s neat how this jovial group got to sit and relax with him and look at some of the evidence he had collected. Whenever you listen to an investigator you learn more and more. I really like Paul’s down to earth, serious, matter of fact statements, and the humor he injected in his stories makes you feel so comfortable listening. I can picture a cold snowy drive to the bigfoot meeting, a nice meal among likeminded friends. I’m sure there’s a fireplace in that room somewhere.

    • Charles R

      Very good interview that really helped to shine some light on the real Paul Freeman. A book about his Father, by son Michael should be out soon according to Michael. It will contain the history of his Father which was archeived, thankfully, by Mrs. Freeman. It will contain many pictures and the search history for the many prints Paul casted. Also chapters in it from Cliff Barrackman, Dr. Meldrum who was a friend of Pauls and authenticated some of his casts, and Doug Hajicek, who was interviewed by Wes a few years back and produced the Monster Quest series on History Channel in the first decade. I plan to purchase the book when released.

  2. m99

    _I could do without the sensational musak that plays every now and then. The sound quality of the whole piece is lacking. The best audio is the lady sneezing her head off…

  3. Glen K

    (New Jersey) That video was fantastic! Thanks again to Wes-nothing gets by him! While watching the video, I couldn’t help feeling that Paul shares many of the same qualities as Bob Gimlin. Both men are humble,down to earth, and believable Frankly, I’d believe both of them even without their videos !! To think, these men have each taken incredible film of these elusive creatures,They are arguably the most watched and most important natural history videos ever taken. Thankfully, Bob Gimlin is still with us, and quite active in the Bigfoot field. Sadly, Paul Freeman has passed, but it’s nice to know his son Michael is carrying on his work- and coming out with a book about his Dad. I’m anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive !

  4. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I’d be happy to, but I certainly don’t want to ruin anyone else’s enjoyment of the book. But I’d be glad to give some general observations.

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