Aug 8

Paranormal Portal Podcast: Time Anomalies

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we journey into the world of time slips and time anomalies. Many theoretical physicists postulate that time is flexible. Very much unlike the rigid, inflexible path we journey throughout our lives. There are those who claim to have “side-stepped” time and appeared either in a distant future or a distant past. From meeting a future version of families and loved ones to visiting places from centuries past, these instances seem to demonstrate that “time” as we know it…is not as we know it. Join us as we discuss this and so much more!”



4 Responses to “Paranormal Portal Podcast: Time Anomalies”

  1. L. Oriana S

    Good conversation! And, as I’ve said a few times before, I think the “good reason” they keep it hidden is that the black ops military has experimented with these once-natural creatures and bio-enhanced them with super-natural abilities like cloaking tech, infrasound, nearly impenetrable skin, super-human strength and speed, on and on. These beasts are also probably chipped and tracked, which is why the back unmarked vehicles so often arrive immediately at the scene of a dead cryptid to sanitize the scene, tell the witnesses they “saw a bear” and take away the body. i wish more Sasquatch interviewers and researchers would at least bring up this possibility.

  2. Dutch W

    The creatures do not have as long life span in captivity. Like , let’s say the great white shark . There are those that “ got away” and after a cluster of sightings and or attacks the government zoo keepers narrow the search and ideally capture or kill the creatures . The freaky part to me is based on my intel you no longer need to go deep in the woods. Here I will tell you of a small troop that migrates between blue canyon and Nevada City California. December 9th 2018 a homeowner confronted a Foot and nearly died for his efforts on you bet road Nevada county CA. That’s one of 2 attacks in that general area.

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