Feb 6

Paranormal Bigfoot Trailer

If you are in Bristol Tennessee, February 9th go check out the Paranormal Bigfoot. All of the information is below:

Bill writes “Bilco Productions presents: Paranormal Bigfoot Theater Premier is up on the Marquee of the The Foundation Event Facility at 620 State Restaurant & Catering! It’s the Saturday February 9th doors open at 6:30pm for about an hour of meet and greet them about 7:30 Paranormal Bigfoot? Will being showing, followed by a Q&A with several of the folks in the film like, Darby Orcutt, David Bakara, Arla Cailleach Collett, and poster and film artist Glen Paul Richardson! This should be a fun and very nice evening and we would love to share it with our friends in the Bigfoot community from out of town that are coming but we’d be excited if our hometown crowd would turnout! Please share this and remember to click the link for tickets or buy them at 620 State, and remember they have group discounts.”

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