Sep 4

Outside My House

Listener writes “Hey Wes, I had a encounter on August 20th outside my house in the middle of the night. It was a shock to see it let alone at my house. It got me all messed up so to speak.

I heard a call about a week before and I got freaked out hearing that at my house. I live in western Pennsylvania. I have only told 3 people 1 being my mom that lives on the next street. I dont want to tell people so I dont sound like I have absolutely lost my mind, if you are interested in hearing what all happened let me know man. Have a good one.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I work odd hours and I just got home for work and let my dog out. I was shinning my light around when I saw a leg and hip sticking out from behind a tree. I shined my light trying to figure out if it was a bear and that is when it peaked its head out and looked at me. I was only 20 feet away. It didn’t growl or scream it just looked at me. My dog was freaking out. I slowly got my dog and backed into my home. I have been feeling uneasy around the house like I am being watched. I heard it or something come up to my window and you could hear it just breathing in and out. It hasn’t been aggressive but I am freaked out.”

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  1. Connie O

    I know it’s a lot easier said then done but if possible get your mom, dog, and get out of there. If it’s bold enough to come up to your window, you need a shot gun within reach at all times. Please be careful.

  2. Sharity M

    I’m sure Wes already told him this, but he needs to get bright lights and light up the outside of his house and the perimeter. And game cams. Nothing seems to deter a squatch more than lights and game cams!

  3. Denise F

    I hope the writer can hang in there.
    The creature seems interested in what is going on with them….I’m sure that doesn’t ease the nerves any. I would flip a lamp on each time it came to the window to see if it would back up….that breathing is spooky in itself.

  4. Bal G

    August 20th, wow only a couple of weeks ago. Inform the local law enforcement of a possible predator. Just say it was a bear. At the very they will send a patrol car every so often. Not much, but it is better than nothing. You could also say it was a prowler that you saw was dressed in all black, either way law enforcement will have no choice but to bring a patrol car. Or third option, put your house up for sale and move the heck out!

    • Cindy B

      Whatever you do, don’t tell them you think it was a Bigfoot, and if you tell them it was a bear, they’ll most likely turn it over to the game commission and the most they’ll do is set a trap (probably not even baited). If you want someone to patrol your house, tell the cops you’ve had a prowler coming around your house after dark.

      • Luke L

        thats the next step if it continues to come to my windows or decides it wants to come in and see what’s for dinner Lol. i know the Game Commission wouldnt bring a baited trap. i have heard people talk about how the Game Commission wouldn’t even put a trap down in less they physically “saw” the bear. Just gonna have to see what happens

  5. Debbie S

    Lots of good advice given. My advice(as others have said)light up the outside of your house with motion sensored lights, try not to react if you can…the more you react the more attention they will pay to you. Monitor your dog if your dog will go outside, mine refused after dark. Hang in there! On the bright side, it isn’t being aggressive so more than likely just curious.

  6. Eric D

    I am curious to know where in western Pa. this took place. I live at the base of the Chestnut Ridge that is known for its numerous sightings and other strange things and is the subject of the book by Stan Gordon called Silent Invasion.

  7. Paula B

    That’s is incredible.
    I would be messed up too. Thank you for sharing with us and please take good care of yourself and your dog. Love the idea of motion sensor lights and game cameras.

    • Luke L

      No problem. im glad i could tell someone/others,then not be labeled crazy, or something along them lines ya know. My pup has it pretty good to say the least lol

  8. Thomas W

    Keep an eye on the dog, if the dog is freaking the Squatch is probably lurking around. Game Cameras and “booger lights” have helped some folks. Closing the blinds to block the entertainment and not having any accessible food sources would also be a good idea. I wonder if there a nearby water source/travel corridor?

    • Luke L

      The Stonycreek river is maybe 10-15 minutes away from my house. nothing right in my vicinity. We have LOTS of deer and one neighbor has apple tree’s. but other than that not much

    • Luke L

      everything is locked and closed up. im working on more lights and cameras go up tomorrow. we have a big deer population now. thats what my best guess is why its showed up. it does seem since i seen it we dont have as many deer that we used to

  9. Christine L

    I know how you feel. I experienced a two year on going visit from a Sasquatch in Southern California. He would come to my bedroom window at about two thirty am at least three times a month. I was traumatic. He never made a sound but would scratch my window screen. When my neighbors dog would catch him outside my window he would always chase him away. The ground always trembeled as he ran away. I just remember how stressed out I was. I would lay in my bed frozen in fear for sometimes two hours before he would leave. I’m glad that part of my life is over. I would never wish that experience on any one. Stay strong..

    • Luke L

      Its pretty rough to say the least. just waiting for the day he wants to make a mistake and come through the window. but im putting up a bunch of different lights and cameras now. hopefully scare it off

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