Mar 6

Orca Takes Down A Great White Shark On Camera

ABC news reports “Images show a 60-year-old grandmother killer whale named Sophia battling with the shark in what scientists believe is the first time a single orca was captured on camera killing a great white shark.”

On average, orcas also known as killer whales, are twice as long and three times as heavy as great white sharks, making their difference in size and weight quite significant. The orca’s larger body mass and muscular build contribute to their ability to take down larger prey with relative ease.


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  1. Ted M

    They had me until they said the behavior was due to climate change 🤦‍♂️ I have to call BS on this! They’re just making everything up and saying it’s because of climate change. Don’t get me wrong killer whales are cool, but liberals are dumb.

    • Dana B

      OMG! 1. Cool video 2. Orcas Whales and Dolphins dont like sharks and will kill them if given the chance. 3. Studies have been done on the effects of Orca killing a shark specifically Great Whites. Orcas take the liver out and eat it. Theres an enzyme released when shark is killed other sharks smell in the water and they vacate the area for hundreds of miles. Tagged (science) sharks respond by diving down hundreds of feet staying down and traveling thiusand miles and not stopping at fav White Shark cafes. Actually this is when more unfavorable encounters happen with people because the sharks arent at their fav places and have to hunt new locations. Documentaries are done on two Orca brothers Port and Starboard who have decimated South Africa’s fav cafe killing many mid size 16′ foot Great Whites. Mozul bay? Had to shut down cage dives because there are no sharks… Shark Week highlighted it with Rrturn of Air Jaws. Then the Boys go to New Zealand and Australia killing off fhe Sharks there…6 Gills, Stingrays in the harbor and Great whites. The killing of Great whites is learned from other Orcas…like Tribal knowledge some do it and most dont. They know hiw to turn the shark over to catatonic state then eviscerate them.
      The Ocean Mammal protection act is why. Bc now pinnipeds populatiion grows. Great White pop has grown. Young sharks at top of water are easy kill and quick snack and easier than seals. Orcas and Great Whites fav prey. Orcas protect their young and sharks hunt them. Orcas want hunting grounds and safe water for their pod.
      This is NOT climate change . The socialists dont want any one to understand survival instincts over resources is basic to all creatures. Battle over economic resources is highly intelligent aninal behavior.
      Moby Dick was a Sperm Whale… and destroydd whaling ships . What a dolt.
      Sorry fir spelling . Anyone remember ORCA the scary movie… like JAWS. Orcas never give up

      • Dana B

        Meanwhile the Biden Bureau of Land Management is rounding up herds of wild horses and killing them to clear lands for some reason… some say ramching… but …wild horses are free… and as the Amish use horses…they are the best clean energy… so no horses … shooting them from helicopters… sending survivors to kill pens. Same BLM forcing introduction of wolves to Colorado farmland .. wolves who wrre relicated from Oregon for known killing livestock… hmmm Colorado tourism and huting and fishing very con cerned about people rrcreational activity getting attacked by wolfpacks. . This is by design. Write Wyoming to stop the wild horse roundups and killings. If you do care about wild and free ecosystsms…the buyers forAmerican farmland are not Americans… i apologize for going down this path… goodnight.

        • Charles R

          Thanks Dana B for your expertise on the Killer Whales and associated behaviors and such. I have known since my youth that Killer Whales are an ultimate preditor in the oceans and that Dolphins hate sharks and have saved some humans by getting up that explosive speed and continuously ramming a shark. It pisses me off that the BLM are out hunting the Mustangs. I saw a couple of months ago a Bigfooter, Base Camp Chris, filming some while he was on a mountain in Nevada and it touched me. Something out their free to live there life and not couped up in a barn or coral. Bringing wolves back is precarious at best. Cilimate change. We are still in the interglacial earth period and have been for at least 3 million years and not a dang thing we can do about it. Want to remove some CO2. Then plant billions of more trees and do not cut down the forest.

      • Dana B

        This is Sasquatch Chronicles.. I dont want to make any upset…. and I appreciate the kind words. I dont want to sound like a Braniac.. and I do geek out… dont tell my cool North Dallas friends… 🙂 Wes I do respect you and your program and with faith post to share why I stated my ealier comments in an article about Orcas…the ABC video reporter stated/inferred Climate change made Orcas eat sharks and behave aggressively.
        To that end… I will share a former rebel against communism, Václav Klaus., Czech President, with his experience under Soviet Union Communism and leading his country out of the bleakness of autocratic ideologies and “isms” ..and the fragility of freedom and independence. (See Ukraine 1930’s Soviet famine to punish Ukraine independence, Bolseviks starved millions…
        ..I will let him explain how Climate Change-Environmentalism on a global scale is similar to Socialism and Communism.

        Klaus went on:
        “Our life in communism increased our sensitivity to all ways…all endangering of freedom and democracy in the world and therefore, I am so active against any other ideology which is killing freedom, democracy and prosperity, which is global warming alarmism and environmentalisms.”
        Vaclav Klaus majored in Foreign Trade Economics at the University of Economics in Prague. He was awarded a PhD in Economics at the Institute of Economics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1968. Vaclav Klaus was one of the leading political figures of post-communist Czechoslovakia and was prime minister of the Czech Republic between 1993 and 1997, leading the newly independent country in its economic transformation. The old Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia Jan. 1, 1993.
        Relevance to Bigfoot…
        Protecting flora and fauna and living in a positive harmony with our natural world is critical for humanity and quality of life. Recognizing nature has powerful, highly intelligent creatures, who have “humanistic qualities” can be very aggressive and kill with motivations, specifically mammals. Science and exploration is about the wonder of discovery and science for the world as a noble endeavor. (Jacques Cousteau) If “textbook science” slams the door on discovery then they claim the right to OWN science. (Think Vatican and middle ages and pay to play to go to Heaven) which is what they are doing in ALL Scientific areas Medicine, Health, and all the “ologies”.
        “Science” has been weaponized for political and economic power and control over people.
        We listen to stories each week about Bigfoot creatures, Aliens and other things which some have encountered with our own senses yet we are told by the same “scientists” these things dont exist and character assisinate honest people, citizen scientists. (Who used to be applauded pre 1990s). We are expected to accept “global science dictums” with questionable science and responses to “their” science (ex African people human enslavement in lithium mines is okay cause Electric cars- Climate Change) while not exploring the overwhelming body of evidence and acceptance there are Bigfoot creatures, Aliens/UAP/USO’s, historical arcaheological finds not in line with Globalist Mainstream Science and accept data objectively. For example: The Rising Star cave find of Homo Naledi and 1, 550 bodies is a perfect example of mainstream science (Penn State and others globally ) to viciously attack the possibiliy, the inference that a non human species would bury their dead. No accalades for the amazing feat of the discovery, that nearly all scientists involved in the discovery women (largest female scientific discovery ever) Yet, the scientists of Rising Star have been character assisinated over a non hunan species (obviously) burying their dead with intentionality and possubly symbolism inferring/careful not to state having spirtual connections.Berger and his team identified depressions deep in the chambers of the Rising Star cave system discovered Homo naledi bodies—Berger and his team identified depressions deep in the chambers of the Rising Star cave system in which Homo naledi bodies—including adults, and those of several children younger than 13 years of age—were deposited in fetal positions, suggestive of intentional burial of the dead. -National Geographic.
        If Homo Naledi buried their dead with intentionality then logic dictates a species other than the branch of homo sapiens inhabited this earth and cared for their dead. Sentient being.
        Why are there no Bigfoot bodies? Perhaps Homo Naledi is why. Homo Naledi was unknown until this cave was discovered. Our world is more incredible than we can possibly believe.
        We all have to fight for the freedom to think, believe and support discovery science and be adamant against autocratic Globalist Mainstream Science devoid of introspection and full of hypocrisy, infested with their own ideolgies and self importance.

  2. Gary R

    Dana B, thank you so much for sharing your expertise about these animals. How fascinating. Really appreciate it. The way you described the behaviors between orcas & sharks really took me there. And the part about how the orcas flip the sharks over on their back, hypnotizing them. Then going in for just the juiciest, most nutritious bits of the shark. So intelligent. Addie

  3. Gary R

    Dana, just saw your last post here. The fight between those who think this round up of wild horses is a good thing, and those who have been working to get it stopped has been going on for a long time now. This issue is also a big deal in Nevada. The BLM guys say it needs these cullings to be done because theres too many wild horses. That they are over grazing the land & in danger of starving as well. I’m no expert, but It is sorta hard to believe when this grazing land is so vast. I’ve been all thru Nevada, Montana, & Idaho. There’s a vast amount of open country all thru these states. What do you think? Addie

  4. HD H

    Thank you, everyone for all the fantastic information! And, of course, to Wes for all his curating and great content! Really appreciated. Heather

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