Aug 18

Only in the Pacific NW

Bigfoot is in Portland! Cassidy Quinn took Bigfoot (aka Jerry Bell Jr.) out for a day on the town, before the Oregon Bigfoot Festival. Makeup by Christina Kortum of Ravenous Studios.

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  1. Joel V

    It’s a pretty cool mask for sure but that’s where the media wants the public’s view on Bigfoot! Hahaha! So funny! It’s a joke! Intentional mockery of something very real! Sad real f-ing sad!

    • Kim S

      Yep I agree Joel…as long as there doing this shit…no one will believe …all comes down to ones thought process and to get past it…I do believe 4 percent of the planet is “awake”… This will be a long haul..?

  2. Nicholas S

    I wonder what would happen if somebody dressed up like that and then wait in the woods where there was a known Bigfoot… and then used audio from other Bigfoot that could be really interesting.

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Sep 1

Only in the Pacific NW

PORTLAND, Ore. — A special guest was on hand to help dozens of Portland kids cross the street safely while walking to school Wednesday morning: Sasquatch!

Sasquatch helped corral kids crossing N Willis Boulevard and N Courtenay Avenue in front of Caesar Chavez School, while police made sure drivers were going the speed limit.

“They’re not used to seeing me out of my habitat, you know. But they catch on pretty quick. They start off a little hesitant, but they seem to open up, I’m getting hugs, they’re holding my hand and taking pictures. So I’m having a great time with these kids,” Sasquatch said.

Stings like this one are scheduled through next week.

“I think they’re doing a great thing about trying to keep kids safe and making cars slow down and realize that you could hurt a kid if you don’t slow down,” an eager student said.

Sasquatch is part of Oregon Department of Transportation and Metro’s new campaign for drivers, explaining that every intersection is a crosswalk




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  1. Michael L

    The only thing that they have wrong: The BF neanderthal has a white face in their video mocking the truth, the description of most encounters is that of a black grayish face, with a flat African nose..

  2. Nathan E

    Funny, good awareness raising. Seeing Uncle Hairy cross the street with some kids in Portland would get me to slow down.

    Now I want to see a “traffic booger” mascot for Jackson, Mississippi. 😀

  3. David R

    Take that costume out in the woods, and it might work to get the real ones to come out. They could get pissed off, but you would get a good look at them. You could get some great video also. I bet it would work, but I wouldn’t do it. Get Bo Bo to do it! LOL

    • Derek R

      That would be funny, what if that guy really did go out in the forest dressed up like Bigfoot and he did run into a huge male bigfoot. And the huge male Bigfoot was looking for love.

  4. m99

    ~ Oh yeah! Let’s desensitize the kids to Bigfoot! Great! *(then hypothetically of course)…

    >little girl walking back to grandmothers house after picking flowers in the forest near her farm. Up a ways, off trail, said little one sees a tall hairy bipedal figure arise from the carpet of fern on the forest floor, stretching after his long nap. Said Bigfoot creature thinks, boy am I hungry, time to go a hunting… Just then, said little one skips up to the hairy creature to present the bouquet of flowers to her “new friend” . Why, hadn’t he’ helped her cross the street at school, she thinks as she reaches Harry?… …

  5. Jill F

    Great way to slow the traffic.
    And get the kids eaten next time they go in the woods.
    Let’s hope the idea stays in the NW and doesn’t spread to where the cryptids have a less benign reputation.
    Get ’em while they’re young and negate their natural fear.
    Great idea!
    Whoever thought this up should be taken out by Bob Garrett on a ‘special’ trip.

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Jul 17

Only in the Pacific NW

I was out talking to a witness on the coastal range yesterday. The witness reported seeing two large upright creatures walking on the outskirts of his property. The wife was also witness to this daytime encounter. The husband stated “It was not a bear, these creatures walked upright along the edge of my property then walked into the treeline.” We have a heat wave going on here, like other parts of the country and the ground is hard as a rock. I was unable to find tracks but I did see a lot of signs of possible Sasquatch activity. More to come. I am still looking into this sighting.

On my way back, I decided to stop at this place to grab a bite to eat. I had to share this with everyone.

or bigfoot

The place was packed and the food is great. They even have a dogman chained up out front (which is how I like my dogmen)

or bigfoot1

As you walk in there is a 7-8 foot tall Sasquatch

or bigfoot2

To top it off the menu is a newspaper and in between menu items you can read encounters people have had with Sasquatch here in the Pacific NW.

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  1. JOHN E

    Cool L …Hey WES…Where is this place at , I would like to go and visit this summer a bucket list thing I don’t know but yes I would like to visit..

  2. Jan W

    Oh my! The dog man is too funny! And I’m with ya! Best to see those critters tethered! If I am ever fortunate to travel to the great NW, will give this place a try; it looks great!

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