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Oklahoma, Oklahoma County: Young man has a close midnight encounter

Witness Observation

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is a story I have been reluctant to even think about. One night me and three other friends were in a storage shed located on the back of my friends property fetching things we needed. We decided to head back to the house after we got what we came for and I was left behind attempting to latch the door because it was very old and hard to get it to fasten properly. My three buddies had walked off at this time leaving me headed towards the house. I was walking the exact same path they were taking actually more of a faster trot when I heard a noise like disturbed leaves to the left of me. Curiously startled I stopped and looked in the direction of the noise and there it was. Now at this location it happens to be at the back of the house and there is a chain link fence and about fifteen feet separating me and this creature. The thing I most remember is the size of this thing and the silhouette of the creatures head to neck and shoulders.

Where a human has a visible neck line what I witnessed had not, but I did notice huge shoulder muscles too supernatural to be of anyone I’ve seen. I didn’t notice how dense the hair on the body of this creature was so it could have added to the size of what I saw. I didn’t mention this but there was only moonlight for me to see this by. Also this thing’s abdomen was also tremendous and in a well defined v shape atop curvy big legs. I have read some of the other reports and a lot noticed a pungent odor but I did not and I believe that there was only fifteen feet at the most between me and this creature. But what I did notice was a deep deep breathing sound and then a deep growl rumble like a cougar kind of intermittent if that makes sense and after that it prompted me to slowly walk off out of fear. This occurrence only took about thirty to forty-five seconds but I remember what I saw. I never mentioned this to anyone until about a year later when my friend had told me about something strange that happened in the woods near the property.

Additional Observations

I have heard from the friend that owns the property of strange noises of banging, loud constant clacking of branches that come to an abrupt stop, and weird screeching only at night.

Time and Conditions

12:00 am – Only moonlight and fair skies at least clear enough to have decent moon visibility.

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    • Pierre M

      Hi James . Im Pierre.Im from NW Oklahoma City. Ive heard numerous reports of strange sounds around the Stinchcomb willdlife refuge and North Canadian River. Also out on and around the Chyenne Arapahoe tribal land. I know for sure Sasquatch have been seen in this area west of OKC for decades. Im very interested in the subject. Message me back Id like to know more about the area you had your encounter. If it coincides with the reports Ive came across. Oh and Google this. Possible Wood Ape Photos Central Oklahoma. You will find it very interesting. Maybe even give you the chills lol. Hope to hear back from you

      • Chuck S

        Pierre, my name is Chuck and I live NW of Oklahoma City. We know about Stinchcomb Park. Many tree structures can be found there. They are there, they follow the Canadian River. We have a Facebook page called: Oklahoma Bigfoot. Chasing the Beast. You can also email me if you would like: caschlabs@icloud.com. Thanks for your story!

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