Mar 9

Off duty police officer is confronted while hunting

Witness Observed:

This witness sent in two reports, the reports have been combined.

First report:
Growl/howl heard today 16 Nov 2014 while hunting outside Winlock Washington at 2:42pm.
While hunting, I heard yelling mixed with a growl/scream within 200 yards of my hunting location. This is the same area three of us heard the same thing in November 2012.
This time, within minutes, I was upwind from the screams, then I recorded the sound of trees breaking and the sound of foot steps “Pounding” the ground. It got closer then I got the Heck out of there. What few deer I did see, RAN fast away as soon as the screams began.
I have a long history in investigations, and know EXACTLY what I heard, minute by minute. I will take a group of your investigators out to the exact location, and show you the location on a GPS map. PLEASE contact me!! This was too much.

Second report:
Sent a report on 16 Nov 2014 about a encounter while hunting outside Winlock Wa. Went back out to look for physical evidence of my first encounter. What happened next spooked me very bad, making me somewhat sick to my stomach. As I follow a wide trail into the thick tree growth, I heard noise to my right, some distance below me. I stopped, listened, and began to pull my digital recorder out while holding my digital video camera. I never got the chance to turn on either. Within seconds, to my right I watched the top of the pine trees (15-20 feet tall) shake violently. Followed by the loudest, harshest scream I NEVER want to hear EVER again.
Only other thing I saw were suspicious tree breaks, unknown if human made although, there in a untraveled area of the forest on the perimeter of the clear cut.



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  1. Lee W

    as all of us move into there home with are homes I think this will become more common,so everyone should become more ready for this kind of contact or worse……

  2. Christopher c

    Ahh! another story that I can relate to thanx for the post I have all of this happen at one time or another ,Super heavy two footed foot falls while being followed where it would move when I moved and stop when I stopped going on for over 1/4 a mile or more ,loud screams,tree shaking,bushes being bulldozed towards the trail I was walking on etc.

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