Jul 10

Odd Sighting

A liste3ner writes “I am from the Houston area, I’ve been listening in on your for the last month and I’ve heard a few encounters with things other than Sasquatch. And it made me think back on an experience I had as a kid and one back in 2015. When I was a kid I saw a Thunderbird and I’m sure I did. And in 2015 I saw a UFO in La Porte Tx about 40 minutes from my house at the time

Both are fairly short encounters. The first one happened when I was about 8-9 years old, my family had owned a lake house in Trinity Tx which is in the Lake Livingston area. So my dad took me golfing one of the days we were there and (I’m not sure how to set the scene) we were on the green i was in the cart waiting for my dad to finish putting. Now between the green and the next hole there was two sets of woods and they are full of big pines, both behind and in front of us is open you can see other houses located on the course. This is anywhere between 10am-12pm so the brightest part of the day. And I’m looking around loving the scenery and I see this black mass flying, so I peak out from under the golf cart and I see this big ass bird, for how big this was it looked like it was flying super low. These trees in this areas are well over 30ft y’all and this birds wing was dwarfing the top of the tree, and I am in AWE of how big it is. It was black with a white stripe as if it were following a collar bone. It didn’t have a pinkish red featherless head like a vulture or buzzard it had a head like an eagle. I could see the gapping of the finger feathers and could see the feathers this thing was huge. So I’m looking back as we drive a way and it lands one of the trees and the tree moved at the flap of the wing as it stabilized and when it lands in the tree it wobbled a little and then I ask my dad what kind of bird and obviously blew it off and said “oh it’s a buzzard” and me being the smart ass I was “no it’s head wasn’t bald” he relayed with “okay it’s an Eagle” and I said no we don’t have those down here” and he gets aggravated and said “ok i don’t know Cody i don’t know it’s a bird”

So being 8 or 9 years old I wasnt thinking Thunderbird, and so began to tell people oh I saw a golden eagle, which is bigger than our bald eagle then as I got older got more into cryptozoology and finding interest in Bigfoot and Ufology I remember watching Monster Quest and them talking about the Thunderbird and I was like HOLY SH** I saw that at this time I was 14-15 years old, I haven’t told anyone this in 10 years I’m 24 now. And my girlfriend she kinda believes me but not really and she asked me questions like “ well you were such a small kid maybe it looked bigger then normal” and then I told my dad “he said of course you did” with a laugh attached to it making fun of me every time he saw a big bird.

My dads parents had a farm in Savanna Illinois and unless you lived there or passed through you know is in the middle of nowhere just corn, and more corn. I’ve seen owls and I’ve even see our nation’s majestic Bald Eagle in that area, both can get very big and from a distance you can see they are big. Every time I’ve seen an owl or an eagle from the distance of what I saw nothing compares. I’ve seen all types of birds even have a birdwatching book and tried to look it up and I couldn’t. I think that’s really it for that encounter and I hope we get to talk I may have left somethings out.

My second encounter was in La Porte Tx and it’s not really a secluded area, there’s bay houses, a port and yacht club around where I was. I was with my girlfriend at the time and we had gone out to that area 3 times that week, I had been out at that area with one of my other girlfriends her aunt owned one of the bay houses so I had been there multiple times. So we were talking there until about 5am and this happened around 2 or 3am. This time I was all about cryptozoology and ufology and I knew about Tom Delonge chasing UFOs so I was all about one day seeing a UFO. However seeing one so close to my home that’s another matter. So we are talking and we are in her car looking out on the water, and all of a sudden there is a red flash and then a red light hovering over the bay for 3-5 seconds and then it zips off and the red flash happens again. We looked at each other and starting freaking out with excitement “did we just see what we just saw” I asked her what she saw and she accounted for what I saw too”.

So I to give my story an little validity I have lived in Pearland, Pasadena, League City, and I live in Dickinson as of now all of which are sub city’s of Houston in the this area alone, there is Pearland Airport, Ellington Airport, Hobby Airport, and Bush Intercontinental I have growing seeing planes all my life. My best friends dad worked for NASA and now for Boeing, I live 15 minutes down the road from NASA and 20 minutes from Ellington where NASA and military pilots fly. I know planes, being in Houston we have tons of helicopters too.

The light I saw in the sky didn’t have any single lights, it wasn’t pulsing or blinking this was nothing I’d seen before.”

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  1. m99

    Yeah, I’ve heard of Thunderbird’s & sightings in Texas before. I wonder if the belief in the T-Bird is why “The Fabulous Thunderbird’s” (a band from Central Texas, once home to Jimmy Vaughan) called themselves by that title. Thanks for posting. Hope to hear from you on air.

  2. Charles R

    The Thunderbirds have been seen in the more remote areas of the Rio Grande, maybe the Big Bend area not to long ago. The Monster Quest told the tale of one boy who was maybe 8 or 9 and I believe in Illinois, not sure. But this Thunderbird swooped down and tried to pick him up. The Thunderbirds were part of the Native Culture and there must be a reason why the name continues today. Of course the Air Force has the Thunderbirds. In the early to mid 90’s I worked ( sort of a business ) next to Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA. I knew a far number of residents there. Quite a few famous stars have lived there including President Gerald Ford. A few years ago I read that President Barrack Obama also bought a place, but I can not confirm this.

  3. Trent M

    I really wish one of these folks that think the witness must have seen a known bird would see one and then tell the witness about it so he could say to them ” Are you sure it wasn’t just a really big sparrow?”
    I’d like to hear more about his encounters too.

  4. NHSquatcher

    If you like stories about other cryptids, there’s a neat show with lots of episodes I discovered on Amazon Prime: It’s called “Boogeymen: Monsters Among Us” and it’s free if you have an account.

    Of course some of the cryptids are known hoaxes, like the HODAG, but it is fun to watch nevertheless.

  5. NHSquatcher

    I’ve also watched David Paulides second documentary (which you need to pay to rent) “Missing 411: The Hunters”. I was surprised that he went into the Bigfoot theory at the end with great footage of Ron Moorehead and the Sierra Sounds…

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