Jun 15

No Human Could Do That

Spoke to the witness and she is still upset about what she saw and what happened to her that night. She writes “I had a sighting back in mid nineties. It was August of 1996 to be exact and I would have been 18 at the time. My friend and I were driving down a back road to kill some time before she took me home.

The road was a cut thru dirt road that made a loop back out on the main highway. The road was about 3 miles long and it was basically for a farmer to get back to a field to feed his cows. Funny part to the story is my boyfriend at the time told me that he seen a bigfoot on that road one night and I laughed at him.

So as we turned on the dirt road, which my friend was driving. It was a 89 nissan sentra. Kinda small and boxy, I had told my friend that my boyfriend had seen a bigfoot squatting down and swaying (in true bigfoot style! Didn’t know that at the time) right after he turned on this road the other night! She laughed and so did I and called him crazy! Now here’s where it gets weird! We ride for about a mile and pull over where we are going to hang out and smoke and do what teenagers do.

My friend screams don’t look out your window! It was that time right before dark, you can still see but it’s getting dark! Of course I turned my head and all I could see was wet dark fur rubbing up against the window, I could see skin that was gray and leathery. I say 3 seconds later it starts beating the roof of the car! all the while its fur is rubbing up and down smearing itself all over the window! I screamed at my friend “go! Drive!” She throws the car in first and we fly out of there! We where scared to death! By the time we got back on the main road and got to the nearest service station that had an outdoor security light, we looked at the dents in the roof of the car and muck and mud! The car smelled like a skunk! There were 4 large dents in the roof of the car! This was real! This really happened I thought after seeing the dents in the cars! No human could do that!

Back then no cell phone, we were in shock! My friend took me back to her house with her that night to try and explain to her parents what happened to her car! They never believed us! They thought we went to a party and someone drunk was jumping on the roof or something! Of course I told my mom and she never didn’t believe me, but she never fully did either! Which, when I was younger my grandfather and I used to sane minnows from a creek thats located off that road and he always used to tell me to stay close to him or the Woosh Woody would get me! Heck he would tell me that at his house as well! Not to mention I grew up about 5 miles from where I had my encounter and my grandfather lived across the street from me. Going back looking over the years knowing what I know now! We totally had activity on our property! From the screams to markings and structures! And for the longest I thought my mom’s no good boyfriend was just making this stuff up in order just to get to stay! He wasn’t the best person! We had 250 acres we grew up on and I remember hearing some of the craziest things in the woods and also that feeling of being watched.”

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  1. Charles R

    Makes one wonder why the Bigfoot would beat 4 times on the roof. Not like it hadn’t seen many cars and trucks before. I guess it felt like this was it’s property or territory. Location where happened would be nice, at least a state and county.

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