Jan 4

News of the strange: Strange lights in the sky

When the time comes and aliens do visit Earth, this is NOT the man you want to be with! I am not sure if there is a simple explanation for this or not but the guy screaming in the background entertains me.

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  1. Ben H

    Oh my God!! Day comin down to erff!!! Run for yo lives!!
    Call da news people, day will saves us!!

    Put the bottle down, holmes. It’s just some flares. I’m going to laughing at this for a while!

    • Dave W.

      Im mot 100% that those are flares….possible, yes, but not likely. They arent acting like any flares I have seennot changing speed during the descent…and I have seen flares from F-18’s, C 130 spectre and spooky gun ships, plus I have launched flare from mortars…very interesting anyways. The “narrator” just made my day, though! Lol

      “Officer, yall aint gunna do nuffin bout this?” LOL, like what exactly does he expect them to do???

  2. Ulrike H

    That is an incredible footage of a UFO formation ( have seen very similar up here in B.C. ) but I have never heard such a hilarious freak out as the man on this clip! Too funny!

  3. Robert F

    That dude was absolutely Trippin’, I myself have seen the classic V- shaped craft, at low level barely moving, no sound, very large round dim greenish lights, 4 lights down each wing, and 1 at the point , It was about 2000ft up, 3/4 mile long, no explanation for it, no required lighting, no flashing, no red, no white, no sound, a true UFO. It flew directly above me around 2007 at 3:30am, I drew it over a daytime photo for perspective, and reported it at the time, someone at the website suggested military possibly., but who the hell knows…..

    • Charles R

      What an experience for you Robert. I look to the sky hoping to see these v shaped craft but as yet have not witnessed one. They can be huge, far larger than any known military or private planes. It seems in the last 20 to 25 years the sighting of this style have gone way up.

  4. joe r

    He is a prime example as to why the government keeps things under wraps, although I believe these are nothing more than flares, take note of how this guy acts thinking these are alien craft. He could cause panic in a small town, no wonder why they don’t tell us anything.

  5. Debbie C

    I was in Sacramento last week, went to a restoration, people
    talking just like the wildman in the video about aliens, world
    coming to an end and how 2019 will be the mother of all
    disasters. LOL people are nuts! I say enjoy these UFO
    sightings, the rest is mother nature gone crazy.

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