Nov 20

New Property In Maine

A listener writes “About 4 years ago we bought 40 acres of wilderness here in Maine. Our property is accessible by an ATV trail off an abandoned road.

This makes our driveway a little over a 1/4 of a mile long and we are one of the last properties in and the last property where someone will be living year round. There are hundreds of acres of woods all around us and according to satellite no one lives there. There is tons of wildlife everywhere and about a five acre beaver made pond on the property.

We have encountered a Bigfoot Family on a number of occasions. There is a mom,dad, junior, and a baby. We have caught eyes looking back at us when we used the flash on a camera, heard yells and whoops, tree knocks, I personally have had a bluff charge and we have taken several photos. Bug season is terrible here and we don’t go out there much during that time. The best months are in the spring the beginning of May until mid June then it is black fly season and between August thru October sometimes in November.

No matter what noises we make they come around. When we first encountered them we were hammering and cutting with a power saw building our camp all day. I’m sure they were watching us and they made first contact. Come see us sometime.”

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    • Charles R

      That’s a fact. They are a huge annoyance in the Upper Peninsula on the many vacations we had. I wonder what kind of hinderance they may be to the Sasquatch. Probably not so much, who knows. If this listener and family want to be more productive in their possible habituation, there is netting they can wear to achieve fighting the bugs. Would really like to hear what the listener is experiencing.

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