Jan 11

Native Americans Traumatized After Killing a Bigfoot

I want to thank Jennifer W. for posting this. “Based on a true story, a Native American recounts a terrifying story about a Bigfoot causing havoc around the village.”

6 Responses to “Native Americans Traumatized After Killing a Bigfoot”

  1. Kathryn C

    The story teller did an excellent job telling this story. I believe it 100%. It’s a darn good thing that BF was alone when they killed it or it sure would have been a different ending.

  2. Charles B

    Why the Plains Indians dancing and druming, the stereotype monotone and cadence of speech? A story from the Pacific Northwest deserves a proper context.

  3. Debbie C

    I completely believe the story about Sasquatch-The Hairy Man
    and the Paranormal stories.
    I believe good and bad are within people and animals.
    When a person tortures, murders another, he or she must be put down for there crimes.
    Sasquatch, I feel the same must be done.

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