Feb 10

National Geographic: Bigfoot’s Big Foot

Dr. Jeff Meldrum offers some compelling arguments to the existence of Sasquatch.

4 Responses to “National Geographic: Bigfoot’s Big Foot”

  1. RubenD S

    It’s always great to hear from Dr. Meldrum. He adds tremendous credibility to the subject of sasquatch. We all appreciate the sacrifices he makes by sticking his neck out!

    • Charles R

      That is a shame Elaine L. I wish I could find the whole documentary from 2010 but Nat Geo has taken all of them out, unless you subscribe and maybe pay Nat Geo, I am not sure. Nat Geo was never kind to the Bigfoot until this documentary in which they gave it good treatment. I can not even remember the name of it. They also went to Bluff Creek, I believe with hi tech cameras and scientific instruments, had a 7 foot actor try to recreate the compliant gait, and had a segment with Bill Munns who at that time was in the middle of his project ( Munns Report ) and paper of his findings using a first generation copy of the Patterson/Gimlin film let to him by Patricia Patterson.

  2. Nathan E

    From what I know Nat Geo stuff is on the Disney streaming service now. So pay up or look for piecemeal snippets that presumably live up to YouTube guidelines. It really is too bad, since the Nat Geo shows on Bigfoot have been pretty good.

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