Jun 4

NASA Holds First Ever Public Meeting On The Topic Of UFOs

The panel, which was comprised of 16 experts including astronaut Scott Kelly, met up at NASA’s headquarters in Washington on Wednesday to discuss anything and everything to do with UFOs.

Sadly, those hoping to hear details about specific US military encounters with UAPs were left disappointed as no such details were provided, although the panel did reveal that the US Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office had received over 800 sighting reports.

Only a small fraction of those, however, could be considered genuinely anomalous.

During the event, members of the public were also given the opportunity to ask questions.

One person brought up the issue of whether NASA would even disclose evidence of extraterrestrial life if it happened to find it, or if it would keep it a secret from the general public.

Astrobiologist Dr David Grinspoon was keen to emphasize that NASA would be “highly driven” to share such evidence and referenced the finding of possible signs of life in a Martian meteorite in 1996 (this was later debunked, although some still believe that the findings were the real deal.)

“If we discovered something, we would try to make sure we were right and then we’d loudly and proudly let the public know about it,” he said.

On the topic of UFOs, Dr Daniel Evans, assistant deputy associate administrator for research, wanted to make it clear that – so far, at least – they’d seen no evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial.

“I want to emphasize this loud and proud: there is absolutely no convincing evidence for extra-terrestrial life associated with unidentified objects,” he said.

You can watch the full event for yourself in the video below.

9 Responses to “NASA Holds First Ever Public Meeting On The Topic Of UFOs”

  1. Nick H

    Ha, NASA and CBS, we will let you know if we find anything.
    People have witnessed and had encounters with ufos/uaps forever, who needs another agency or to be fed news from msm to acknowledge anything. They know exactly!
    Likely manmade objects created from the hidden sciences, tech kept secret and passed through secret societies on down from the descendants of Cain.

  2. Charles R

    Oh great. 16 experts – sure they are. Glad they have found no evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial. Then what in the heck has been in the sky and waters for at least 80 years, witnessed by millions including highly trained pilots, and performes aireal feats so far outside of our physics and capabilities at unimaginable speeds? Also what is causing cattle mutalations, crop circles, human abductions and experiments, ect, ect? If they want experts go to people like Travis Walton and there are many more. Heck them bastards got involved in my life before the age of 3, and my genetically very close 3 year younger sister back in the late 1950s.
    Sorry but I do not need Nasa to blow smoke up my something.

  3. CJ M

    “The existing data from eyewitness reports is often muddled and cannot provide conclusive evidence that supports uap recognition and analysis.”

    Imagine if there were NO EYEWITNESS REPORTS. Do you think they would even look into it? Isn’t eyewitness reports the basis of beginning an investigation at all?

    These spokesperson have carefully crafted wordings and additionally, they speak distinctly but somehow to me it is off in some way. I get a sense that its sort of british but with a bit of the accent trained out, its just different to me a bit unnatural.

  4. Linda B

    Why does the first speaker sound like he he’s addressing a junior high school class? Will we get a nap on our little mat and a straw for our carton of milk? Did he say they are committed to openness? When does he get to the part where the non-ETs put on their bibs, fork and knife in hand while we’re all told to line up, single file, arms extended in front of us zombie-style. So easy to poke fun at this but I can’t choke down the non ET thing. How stupid do they think we are ….
    Oh well. Lol

  5. Ron S

    Sounds like the same crap I was warning my SC family might happen. Don’t worry I’m sure there’s going to to be a ton more horse pucky right behind it. I wouldn’t even bat an eye if they came out with a video showing extraterrestrials shaking hands with the president.

    I already believe in a higher power, but thanks for asking.
    Take care everyone, love and light to all!

  6. Terri M

    This is ironically laughable because as of June 10-12 12th 2023…Dr Steven Greer’s Whistle Blower’s Conference Event is happening in Washington DC …They will look pretty ignorant as an organization continuing this kind of dialogue.

    • Charles R

      I think this Nasa intent is based on a large part of keeping the pefect hair people, that bring you the daily news, still in the fray of nothing is really going on. They have been successful as stoges for decades, as they have in the Bigfoot and high strangeness realms also. However, thank God that we have moved to podcast and alternative methods of getting the word out, and fewer people as a percentage are not hood winked any more. Will see how Steven Greer’s conference is covered, if at all, by the powers that try to be.

  7. Ron S

    Allow me to give to my impression of what I notice within minutes of this video… it’s like a magic trick, that directs your eyes where the magician wants you to look (so firstly I ignore the person talking lol.

    Does anyone else notice to the “left” in the background behind the podium and correlation to the handicapped logo as being a person sitting down, and what you are doing while watching this? Ring ring, wake up. Does it make you wonder who the handicapped (in the eyes of some) might truly be?

    Then you get the word “Caution” with likely mockery of “Christ”. The caution ⚠️ logo as it appears on your 👁️phone, is back to the pyramid 👁️-“con” I talked about earlier with the upside down “i”… and when the logo is inverted points down like a letter “V” (you don’t want directions pointing down, believe me).

    Then you have the word “key” which taken literally is a 🔑.
    This is a “key” statement or “key operation”.
    Lift for the “handicapped” is manipulated movement while sitting down.

    Then you have the black lines on the wall that looks like an upside down cross or crucifix (that’s disturbing). With emphasis put on the four rivets to the middle at each corner… the rivets theory is a bit more reaching but my gut tells me this is a wink to the trinity+1(Lucifer)=4 of equal binding value. It’s just too bad that some people only follow the necessary binding component of evil and disregard the other three.

    I don’t get extremely comfortable with the letters NASA as I stated earlier with the connecting slanted line in the letter “N” being a slant downward from high to low, the A being a pyramid with an open bottom, or the S being the first letter to Satan. But this is just what I see personally since being closer to God, he allows me to see things I believe.

    And where the heck did they video this meeting?

    I think the most unfortunate thing we can do is buy into the testimonies of good honest people within our government and military as they could be used and lied to just as anyone to help perpetuate an agenda. How does someone even know if they are truly “in the know” or a high ranking person of such stature? If you don’t believe a decorated pilot can be fooled with Earthy technology he hasn’t been allowed to see before, think again.

    The people controlling this facade are so lost to temptations they have become ungrounded, especially to positive spirituality. I feel sorry for their souls if they don’t wake up. They are as un-relatable to me the feeling of the true love I’d receive through technology or as equally through a one-night-stand.

    This is just a quick look at the video, and my impressions. I really won’t waste my time sitting handicapped and watching the whole thing. I’m going fishing and enjoying the beautiful outdoors🌞🐟

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