Aug 7

Mysteries To Search: Sasquatch tries to abduct Apache boy

Brenton writes “A Bigfoot tries to take boy on the reservation. This Sasquatch hunts down a deer and gets it too but also almost gets the boy. We talk about how to stop the wild man from coming back to get the kid.”

6 Responses to “Mysteries To Search: Sasquatch tries to abduct Apache boy”

  1. Bal G

    “Are you washing dishes or something.” LOL. Man, I love Brenton from the bluegrass state. I know you had him on a long time ago Wes. Try to have him on again. I know he’s a little out there, but honestly, he is radio gold. Thanks bro,and keep up the good work.

  2. Lewis S

    Shoot them and they quit taking folks. The old wars pushed them back and since we quit killing them they are emboldened by our complacency.

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