Jan 11

Mt. Hood, Oregon Encounter

Bigfoot Research Project writes “This video is a combo of 2 videos of sightings we had on July 17th and July 18th 2020 near LOLO Pass/Mt Hood Oregon. It gives comentary on what unfolded during these two days encounters and for the first time a account of the Bigfoot that came to our campground after dark.

Both days of encounters were reported to and investigated by Cliff Barackman with the North American Bigfoot Center, he investigated a few days later and found, photographed and casted tracks near the trail we shot this video on. Two of those photos are at the end of this video. The NABC also casted and has possession of the tracks.”

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  1. Jon C

    Straight up got to head up to east side of Hood for some mountain biking and camping with my buddies! Love to meet genuine folks like these. Big footing will reunify friends again in 2021! When in the woods an Oregonian is an Oregonian…. will be leaving politics and anti-social media locked in a drawer next summer🦉

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