May 10

Mountain Beast Mysteries: Indian Army Discovers Yeti Tracks

The Indian army says it has discovered footprints in the Himalayas that appear to belong to a yeti, known in the United States as bigfoot or the abominable snowman.

Measuring 32 inches by 15 inches, the footprints were found near Mount Makalu base camp April 9, military officials posted on Twitter late Monday.

A spokesman for the country’s defense ministry told NBC News on Tuesday that photographs taken by the army’s mountaineering expedition team had been passed on to “the scientific community” for verification.

The announcement, which referred to the yeti as a “mythical beast,” was met with mixed reaction online.

Some noticed that the photos appeared to show the footprints in a straight line, one behind the other, similar to what might be expected from a model.

Tarun Vijay, a former Indian lawmaker, tweeted his congratulations. However, he cautioned against describing the yeti as a “beast.” He added: “Show respect for them.”


5 Responses to “Mountain Beast Mysteries: Indian Army Discovers Yeti Tracks”

  1. David S

    Saw this in the news, but kind of sad that the immediate reaction is to go to joking about it and discrediting the people who found them. Seems like that’s always how it goes.

  2. Janetta V

    If that was a rabbit he would have to launch instead of hop. 22 inch long tracks means it was very, very tall, and I do believe this was a Yeti. For those that always laugh, some day life will slap them upside the head. Strange things are one this earth and the bible is full of evidence.

  3. Danny G

    Joe cuck Rogan was laughing about this. I don’t know why he hates on Bigfoot so much. I love his show- but he always irks me and he comes off as a total douche one some issues.

    • Jeffrey H

      Danny G: Joe Rogan is a black & white thinker. You would have to show him the one in Wes’s garage and he probably still wouldn’t believe it. It’s unfortunate because a lot of this world was design by gray thinkers that look outside the box!

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