Dec 29

Motorists spot sasquatch and give chase near Mt. St. Helens

Witness Observed:

We were driving down the highway away from Mt.St. Helens and saw a hairy being, a sasquatch, alongside the road.It was seen by all in the car, my wife, my child and myself. It looked to covered in black hair all over it’s body and was moving quickly from one group of trees across a meadow to another group of trees.
It moved in a quick loping fashion with it’s arms extended downward and swinging at it’s side. In it’s right hand it carried a club like item.
We backed up and went down a side gravel road and went up it looking for the sasquatch. After a few hundred yards we turned around and went down and tried another area but still saw nothing. We then went back to the meadow area and drove slowly up the slope of the meadow.
The meadow was surrounded by trees and was about a football field in length. We were at one end and all again saw the sasquatch at the other end of the meadow.
easternsasquatch13It was turned away from us looking in the direction we had just been in and appeared to be looking to see where we had gone.
I got out of the car and started approaching it quietly from behind. I got within 30 yards of it when my wife called out to me and it turned it’s head

When he saw me he jerked and turned to go into the trees. I called out to it “wait, come back” but it gave no response.
Physical Appearance is about 6 foot height. Head to feet covered in long shaggy black hair or fur. It looks like the black fur on a buffalo neck, long and matted looking. His face was covered with hair on the checks up towad the eyes.
In it’s right hand it carried a club about 18″-20″ long about 3 ” in diameter, with roots hanging from the end of it.
I found footprints that I measured about 14 inches in length with the heel being about 4 inches wide. The stride length from the heel of one to the toe of another step was approximately 41 inches. The depth averaged 3/8 to 1/2 inch in fairly soft grassy area. My step was about 1/4 inch and I weigh about 150 lbs.

Investigators managed to locate a total of 5 possible prints, but only one had any detail. Unfortunately, the track was left in heavy forest duff, thus minimizing any hopes for finding dermal ridges. However, what appears to be the large toe did press directly into mud, leaving a couple of small patches that could be dermal ridges.

29 Responses to “Motorists spot sasquatch and give chase near Mt. St. Helens”

  1. Jason M

    I’m calling bullshit on this one, too.
    * kid in car
    * gets within 30 yards
    * chases it alone & unarmed, leaving wife & kid alone

  2. tom b

    I have to agree with my fellow viewers and this is one BS. I am not a coward, however I was so afraid during my encounter, no way I would have walked towards one.

  3. Letty

    You all cracked me up reading your comments! You’re all right! If true, putting his family in danger was not a smart choice. I say, stay in the car, take your pictures from a safe distance, and take off.. maybe not even that… its just not advisable with your love ones in the car to go around playing Bobo. In Spanish, the work Bobo means stupid, fool, idiot. Go figure..

  4. William L

    I think he was going to run up behind him and goose him LOL
    I’ve heard to many stories of people trying to put there kids on buffalo and other animals in Yellowstone to get a picture. I’ve personally seen them try to do it with elk and the same day a line of people probably 100 yards long were walking across a meadow slowly encircling a bison against a river. A hole formed in the line by pure dumb luck and the bison bolted for it. I was sure I was about to see someone killed. People have no sense what so ever sometimes.

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