May 14

Montana Bigfoot Project – Tree Peeker

Duke writes “After the possible “Tree Peekers” were spotted last December, in video taken in September, I released a video as a closer look at it, “Possible Tree Peekers” which itself was video from the Pattee Canyon #7 video, on followup to an area where Bigfoot build/change stick structures regularly, and also reinvestigated the possible connection between tree snaps and navigation.

This video is a follow-up to the “Possible Tree Peekers” vid, in this one we go to the same location in March, as soon as snow cover permitted, and try to line up matching shots of the spots we found the original possible tree peekers in, in the September video. The results are not only surprising, but require us to make yet another trip to the area to make a follow-up to THIS video.”

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    • Duke S

      Thanks Vinnie! Looking forward to seeing you again! I will be at the Sasquatch Festival up in the Yaak the weekend of the 16th (?) if I remember right, should be around other weekends unless something comes up, let me know! I am locked out of Fascistbook, but my new group, WORLD BIGFOOT CENTRAL is on the censorship free, non-fascist platform MeWe, so come on over! Glaggland, the Crypto Crew and even an outpost of good ‘ol Sasquatch Chronicles are already over there, come over and join the fun!

      • Vinnie G

        Thanks Duke, I appreciate you Brother! I’ll be attending a meeting on Flathead Lake (Yellow Bay – Biological Station) from Friday, 6/8 – Sun, 6/10 and then usually visit MT customers around the state and hope to be in Missoula on Weds, 6/13 or so. Cool, I’ve barely been on FB since Jan 2018 so I’ll check out MeWE and the other platforms! Thanks!

  1. Jon T

    Like the stick structures seems like when they are stacked on one side of tree they’re heading towards the backside of the tree It’s almost like A aero

  2. Wade H

    I’m not sure what your using for video GoPro or hand held camcorder perhaps. Keep in mind these are built for in frame stationary and close objects. If possible with the video recording stuff you have try to focus and frame at 6 feet and 100 feet out with a stabiliser. Easier said than done I know but your putting in the foot work you deserve to get the footage. Keep it up. Thanks

  3. Jeff K

    I’m also curious about your photo/video gear. I’m over in Montana City and hope to get up to Yakk for the Festival, so may get a chance for touch bases.

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