Nov 24

Missing person Clint Walker a bigfoot hunter

From a listener – We have a missing family member who is an avid day hiker who also enjoys hunting for Bigfoot and following tips of sightings. This is a post I’ve been sending out on social media sites. If you know the sites of fellow Bigfoot hunters/hikers or hiking enthusiasts, it would be appreciated if you would forward.

UPDATE: This new picture shows Clint Walker boarding the bus at 7:11AM to which he exited 22 minutes later at 7:33AM at Mount Baker Hwy & Mosquito Lake Road in Deming, WA. A WTA employee has watched several hours of video from the time he exited the bus and it was determined that Clint never returned to the bus stop & never boarded a bus to return home. Some printed maps found in his home showed some points of interest along Mosquito Lake Road. Three helicopter searches, two foot searches (one with a Search & Rescue team on ATV’S & a command center) in those areas have so far yielded no clues.

John “Clint” Walker, 48, of Bellingham has been missing since Nov. 11, 2014. He boarded a Whatcom Transportation Authority bus at 7:11AM (pictured) and he exited at 7:33AM at Mount Baker Hwy & Mosquito Lake Road in Deming, WA to go hiking. He only hikes during the day, he does not camp. He is a Bigfoot believer and hikes to areas where sightings have been reported. He’s wearing light blue jeans, a grey, blue & black plaid flannel jacket, a black zip up hoodie under it and a green & orange vest under the hoodie. He’s also wearing a dark blue beanie on his head with an unknown logo on it and some type of tennis shoes on his feet. He’s carrying a Navy blue & black backpack. He is 5’09”, 200 pounds, with blue eyes and dark blonde hair that’s long on the sides and balding on top. If you have ANY information that will lead to locating him, please call the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office at 360.676.6650 or if after hours, the dispatch center for Whatcom County 360-676-6911. Please keep Clint Walker & his family in your thoughts & prayers.

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