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    Aaron W

    Gary thanks for the details and sorry for my lag on response. I get buried/busy and fail to make it back sometimes.

    That is very interesting. I had a couple of thoughts but let me ask: see anything odd before or since in that area, and have you heard of anybody else’s experience in the vicinity?

    these things can sometimes be “hauntings” or earthbound spirit tied to an area or object, etc. but can also be transient in nature like a critter passing through or “crossing over” our world. Of course there are loads of possibilities I’m sure, many of which I’m totally ignorant of but I do love to contemplate these possibilities.

    Aaron W

    Sorry cut myself off somehow…

    Anyway yes safety is baked right into the process of course. If any youngsters are about let me stress this is not for fun or kicks and not something to do while drinking or smoking weed.

    But to your point this thing indeed qualifies as “something extra” as it was outside the home away from ritual space and after the ceremony. Thus it might have been earthbound and attracted by the activity. Just speculating there but regardless it was not invited so I banished and cleared the area as one must do in these cases.

    Also I have the aid of other critters whose job it is to provide such aid. I didn’t mention any of this as really I didn’t know still don’t how these topics might be received but I was hoping for a place to banter from time to time.

    Aaron W

    I have more than an idea of what I’m doing brothers. I have spent YEARS of my life in the study and practice of my art, and yes one must be careful and aware you are correct.

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    Aaron W

    Addie I thought it skull-like also. I’m very interested in knowing more about your experience with a similar entity. Perhaps it’s a particular class of spirit we’re talking about here.

    If you’re willing, could you tell me about it? Where and when, plus any details like what you were doing, who you were with etc. Literally any details from day of the week to time of year, date, location, info about anyone who may have been with you ANY of that could be useful for understanding better.

    I’m happy to give details from my end as well but I’d like to let you respond without “tainting” it first. And if you don’t wanna, well that’s cool too and thanks for the reply just the same. 🙂

    Aaron W

    That’s wild. Yeah something like that picture, a bit less pronounced but along the same lines. By the time I got my phone and tried to find a good setting had diminished a bit and i did not see the features in person. Actually I had forgotten the whole thing and the saw the photo stuck in a folder with some others and took a look.

    I need to fget my act together and post some of my others, along with some of the EVP. I really want to team up with some local paranormal groups but a problem I
    having is that, when I’m honest with the about “spiritual beliefs” per the application or if I just tell them what I do and why I want to be exposed to additional paranormal elements, they get all standoffish or just plain rude.

    Aaron W

    Yeah that’s all there is. Interested me because it remains no matter how I adjust various settings, like it’s an object not a light trick.

    I was aiming at a shadowy-mist or a misty-shadow lol if you have ever had “paranormal” experiences what people call ghosts, whatnot, and seen the “smoke” that is often referenced, I aimed at something that looked a lot like that.

    Aaron W

    And here’s an arrow to help if you can’t see what I’m asking about:

    Aaron W

    Here’s a filter that cleans up and focuses on the “head”:

    Aaron W

    Cool thanks Steven.

    David, a few reasons sure.

    Pulling the heads off cage full of little girl’s rabbits.
    Butchering how many dogs?
    Especially when they kill a dog and then throw it against the side of the house on the property they are invading.
    Killing of horses and cattle.
    Raping of horses and cattle.
    Calling people’s pets into the woods by imitating the owner’s voice.
    Using infrasound to harm people and kill their animals ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY
    Calling people’s children’s names in a parent’s voice.
    Tapping on the windows of children at night.
    Potentially swiping folks off the trails, some of the 411 cases are obviously related to these garbage organisms.

    I am guessing these are among the kill worthy behaviors you mentioned Bill?

    Just things like that brother David. Please understand now, although I love shooting, I don’t even hunt. I have killed animals only out of true necessity in my life and it is a painful thing for me to do. Never killed any people either.

    I would be happy to make an exception for the wildman (what they are called in TN), whichever side of the animal-people fence they are on. Without mercy or remorse or hesitation if I ever have the opportunity, I will put bullets into the organs of a creature suspected of any of the above or related affronts.

    I imagine they are all quite safe from me, however. They are of course amazing at being close and not being seen.

    I hear them, smell them, sense their infrasound, see fleeting shadows sometimes but have never seen one in full view.

    Aaron W

    When I said laser pointers I meant like the little homeowner laser show hologram things that are known to screw with the clucking. Although class 4 laser pointers I’ve seen melt action figures I wouldn’t mind putting one of those on target.

    Rock salt can be fired from a shotgun I’ll bet sulfur can too.

    You think our people didn’t deal with these assholes during the paleolithic. Etc? Who won that one? Well let’s see who’s not in the Stone Age still and hiding?

    As West now knows having looked into remote viewing humans have latent psychic ability we also have technology and many distractions and on and on and on it makes sense that they would be presently better at that game. I still say not entirely. I believe they would be more responsive and vulnerable to magical attack than any person would be. I’ll go into that somewhat in the other post I’m making about Bigfoot and Western esoteric lower there’s some surprising correspondences that perhaps are worth looking at.

    But I totally think the sulfur instead of rock salt shotgun shells is badass idea let’s see what that stuff really does to them.

    What adult male in this forum didn’t remember having firework Wars as a kid? Can you imagine if we had access then to kind of stuff you can buy inside the road these days? I imagine our numbers would be smaller LOL but what a distraction power that would be a few tubes of that crap dumped in the middle of them with a couple of Sharpshooters on the edge and let them get away with a couple of boxes full of Fentanyl apples.

    Okay deep breath … sorry in a wsy. not really just sorry if I made an ass of myself.

    Aaron W

    Hey thanks 🙂

    That shop sounds awesome. I particularly like the term Gypsy Shop, which I take as a cultural nod relevant to that part of Louisiana. Never been to that state but hope to rectify that someday.

    Here we just call them metaphysical shops. Kind of bland, but that’s modern TN, very sterile and whitewashed, so to speak.

    Aaron W

    Debbie thanks for the compliment. I enjoy writing here and there.

    I caught a chill as I read about you hiding in the Rhodo thicket. I remember playing in those around Roan Mountain, and you can just about blot out the sun if you crawl deep enough.

    That is wild about all those knocks at the same time. I remember hearing knocks in the woods on a fairly regular basis, not so much in the valleys and foothills where I lived but in the mountains for sure. It’s odd to recollect because I never thought of it as more than background noise, probably thought it was some critter doing something. Again, not until I started listening to Wes & SC did I realize it was a cryptid thing.

    I really had no idea how prolific these things are until I guess five or so years ago when I started listening.

    Aaron W

    Oh that’s awesome Shannon. I can totally imagine an elder country gal, probably indignant as she set her grandson straight on that point. I’ve tried to go back “through the files” of my memory and I know now that booger is a term sometimes used here but I can’t recall hearing it used when I was little.

    Aaron W

    Thanks Lillie.

    I do want to catch up with my cousin Allan and the one or two other relatives still around. Most of that bloodline is now gone or the younger ones have moved away but I’ll bet Allan can relay some content. I guess I’ll just be straightforward and he will either want to talk about it or not. Should I come up with anything I’ll post it here.

    Aaron W

    Oh yeah, and P.S. all the talk, rhetoric, “expertise”, etc. about how magic and the occult are synonymous with satanism, the devil, et al…. well folks that’s just bulls**t, and this is as gentle as I can manage on that point.


    Are there some liars and loons talking publicly on bigfoot? Perhaps some of the foresaid even have websites and audiences. Surely we all know this happens. Does it then follow that it’s all bs? Clearly no, so why judge less-understood spirituality by the same silly, strict, blanket measure?

    And another:

    All people living along the Blueridge Parkway and in places to the south between these mountains and the Atlantic and Gulf coasts (so Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgie, and so on) are necessarily ignorant, backwoods, undereducated savages without shoes.

    Does anyone believe this post civil war propaganda? Cuz that’s where the “southerners are idiots” mantra and ideology came from. reconstruction era and civil war misinformation and smear rhetoric. I would personally take umbrage, residing in lovely east TN as I do.

    I submit to you the claims that folks whose personal and spiritual pursuits can be classified as occult, magic, Pagan, and the like are evil, devil-worshipping, and etc. are every bit as absurd, unfounded, and preposterous as the above examples.

    Have I mentioned I do love this show? lol I’m not trying to pick a fight really just trying to clear some stuff up. It’s difficult interacting with a world that probably isn’t interested in the first place but when it does speak of your ways tends to be contemptuous and condescending. Maybe a reader or two will check this out, dig it, and take away a modified perspective.

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