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    @ Gordo — Can you summarize the Texas account and the name of the individual?


    In my opinion based on my research there are more than 712 reports of caves associated with Bigfoot reports all across the U.S. & North America. Most caves have a medial temperature ranging between 50-70 degrees f all year round. It is not a leap to consider Caves, Mines, pits, tunnels are all natural points of refuge to escape harsh cold winter or weather. Some are concealed, some are not.

    But, what if there are no caves?

    They are prolific thieves! They steal clothing and use it. They make or create fire. They find refuge in abandoned, barns or structures, under makeshift shelters, salvaged junk vehicles, underneath houses, in basements or cellars in remote there were reports of Bigfoots hugging hot chimneys for immediate relief. They’ve existed for lifetimes without our assistance.


    Jeremiah — Hello and thank you.


    Darrel B. & Chris 422
    “Exceptionally insightful”. . . . postings are to be read with joy and attentiveness, to be celebrated and or be challenged. Witnesses are confronted by the double-edged sword of having undergone the experience and withstanding the withering sometimes painful retort from critics within the Bigfoot community.

    For witnesses when they cross the wrong Rubicon, they enter a harsh and unpredictable environment where critics can be harsh and unrelenting. Some people are good orators and extremely articulate and others are not. Some people are extremely fastidious and organized some are not unfortunately. Good post and thread guys. ~Gumshoguy


    Knobby — Excellent summation and reply.


    Darrel B. — That is your opinion and you are free to think as you may of course though I do have to respectfully disagree on the point of absolute truth. You see, it really boils down to What do you know, what do you think, and what can you prove. I read your post and I did not find your supposition all that compelling if truth be told, my opinion.

    Generally speaking, the Bigfoot community is rife with opportunist, shills, cons good or bad and operatives who do not care about you or me and others that feel a sense of entitlement. Some feel shaming others into gaining something they’re not entitled to is the only way to achievement.

    Bigfoot induced PTSD is but one part of the double-edge sword for some witnesses. As in Newton’s laws of physics (action and reaction) witnesses face a gauntlet of reprisals in the form of chastisement mockery and ridicule forcing some to legally change their name to escape their past as though by changing their identity to complete the metamorphosis.

    I am not suggesting that in this instance but simply laying that out for consideration.

    Speaking for myself, I am not the sovereign supreme arbiter and judge here to pronounce and decree all that is real and fantasy.

    The Bigfoot topic engenders enough ridicule without any asistance. Hundreds perhaps thousands of witnesses are torn between sharing what they know or keeping silent about they know and see no redeeming value whatsoever in the charade and folly
    of arbiters and judges making said pronouncements.


    I’m not a fan of Missing 411 books… but I have to tell you foras many times as somebody doesn’t want to hear about Bigfoot connection to missing people there is a whole alot there.

    I cannot count the times missing dead or alive are found with unexplained scratches and naked, or partially clothed.

    I find it ironic Bigfoots have this unhealthy curious fixation with clothes even while ome of them find it neccessary to wear clothes or articles of clothing apparel.

    Nope, I find too many truths and confirmations in the Randy experience to dismiss or discount.


    This is one of the longest reports I’ve ever read, and was broken up into three parts.


    #1 Three farm adolescent boys meet and ecounter a juvenile bigfoot over a period of time. The visitor juvenile bigfoot always made its appearance through the cornfield ot the rear of Randy’s house.

    #2 This day all boys had to go home for supper. They collected their toys and told [Mike] juvenile bigfoot they had to go. They all departed. After supper Randy goes to the old dairy barn to play by himself. While he is surprised when [Mike] shows up. They play and start swinging on the rope. As adolescents they begin demonstrating how well they climb and swing. Randy pounds his chest like “Tarzan” and that moment [Mike’s] demeanor changes to rabid aggression.

    note: Chest Pounding

    #3 [Mike] is screaming and throws Randy off the hay loft to the ground then leaps on top of him straddling him. [Mike] rips at his clothes and Randy sustains a severe laceration above his groin. Mike and Randy are screaming his father hears the noise runs into the barns to find this hideous animal with his naked son screaming.

    #4 Father grabs the shotgun always there in the barn and fires several rounds in the roof..? to get [Mike] to leave and see to his bloodied son.

    #5 The loud commotion brings the big female who appears at from the cornfield from the opposite barn door. The male Bigfoot father keeps his distance yet, in sight. Randy’s father doesn’t know what to make of all this.

    #6 The female mother bigfoot grabs onto her screaming out-of-control belligerent delinquent who wrestles from her hold and the male and female bigfoot flee while their offspring continues the attack.

    #7 The father was able to close the doors but attacking [Mike] wanted to go after Randy again.

    #8 Neighbors hear the screams and gunshots and call authorities. police arrived and fired shots to get [Mike] to retreat repeatedly. An ambulance was called and Randy was treated.

    #9 At some point the [Mike] flees the farm heading down the road to next house.

    note: The juvenile bigfoot knew exactly where the other little boys lived?

    And then I explained what occurred there.


    Knobby — At the risk of repetition of your entire posted reply one part that caught my eye I will attempt to flesh it out here from my knowledge and understanding of the sequence of events as I understand them to be.

    You said: “On the issue of the government wiping the memories of all those involved, I find it hard to believe his father, after shooting and killing a sasquatch, and cutting it open to autopsy before contacting authorities about it, would not be able to remember any of that — that the government removed his and all others memories of it.”


    Did his father shoot and kill attacking belligerent Sasquatch?

    As it is known to me and to my understanding of the sequence of events Randy’s father did not [underscore did not] shoot and kill the animal, however, it did eventually flee Randy’s barn making its way down the road to the neighboring farmhouse.

    Once there, it became unhinged and enraged screaming and pounding on the house terrifying family members inside.

    The belligerent breaks and enters by force gains entry by climbing through the bathroom window where upon it passes the threshold of the bathroom doorway to the hallway where it was greeted by a simultaneous loud bang and bright flash and immediately sent on its way to Valhalla or Mars or wherever they come from and go.


    Fair enough.

    Knobby You said: “I’ve read a number of encounters of children interacting with juvenile sasquatches and I believe it happens, and also adult sasquatches interacting with children. They are not fearful of children in the same manner they are of adults.

    I agree. I believe the data supports that too.


    Knobby — I heard and read of Randy’s account long before Sasquatch Chronicles or the Confessionals. I suggested he contact Wes to share it with him.

    I ‘ve known you along time during my days of Bigfoot Forum, I like you and have always liked you but, I totally disagree. I hope you appreciate that I’m not trying to judge just gather information and I use that to form my own opinions. Therefore, I hope you appreciate what I have to say as meaningful and not harsh.

    Seems to me Wes received the similar treatment when he first disclosed his experience encounter and I made no friends on Bigfoot Forums 50 pages of discussion back and forth defending him until they locked it up, and shut it off.

    You try too hard to find fault and allow that to influence by our thinking, either positively or negatively in this situation describing Randy. You’re using what amounts to remarkably small and insignificant snippets of conversation in point to cast a wide net over his message as perfect example of inventing obstacles where, really, it’s being invented rather than discovered.


    You pointed to: “Go get your cameras, we’re gonna make the alien autopsy look like nothing.” You correctly deduced — “the alien autopsy film didn’t come out on Fox until August 28th, 1995.” What is the issue? So what?


    Is it normal and common to equate comparisons to things we experienced thirty or years ago to more recent experiences especially if just a kid when they occurred? I believe it is, I mean my vocabulary is much greater than it was when I was a young kid.

    I know more now than I did in my younger past. I’ve grown, my sensory perception changes. My values, ideations and principles all have undergone changes. I have matured. We all do.

    (Speaking of Randy’s C. Michigan “Mike” account) As a longtime Michigan resident there are too many truths and confirmations for me to discount Randy’s experience and I would be unfairly naive to dismiss it out of hand.

    There are no such thing as coincidences. We live in a purpose driven world. Everything has purpose and meaning. Everyone has purpose.

    What are the chances two different kids from two vastly different geographic regions that do not know each other can have two strikingly similar experiences involving children and juvenile Sasquatches?

    The Randy incident occurred in the late 1970s as a child. Is it an indictable offense to reference in today’s logic and terms what we’ve experienced read, seen,or heard since to make comparisons?

    As a young boy I confronted an intruder who broke into our home late one night while Mom and Dad were away working. Are my memories repressed? I still remember it, but cannot recall every nuance or even paraphrase each comment from me to him or him to me other than he was kill me… and he did go on to kill somebody(s) else if I’m not mistaken.

    Is that a repressed memory, lie or fabrication?

    I recall your friend called me a fake and fraud in the past as well… That was forgiveable but not forgetable.

    For the sake of transparency and in defense of Randy (C.)of Michigan, he is a friend of mine, I trust, repect and totally believe Randy’s account on many levels.

    If you don’t fair enough, that is your call, your choice your opinion.

    I just want to add in closing sometimes we don’t know what we think we know, and we do not know or understand how our choice of words we chose have unintentional indelible lasting impressions on people. ~Gumshoguy!


    Good to hear from Augustine. Prayers for you.I lost my momma this year and lots and lots of people I knew.


    Have a Happy Thanksgiving All!

    Enjoy and Be Safe.


    Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner

    Where is the proof?

    Proof is a fact demonstrating something to be real or true.

    128,114.9 reports chocked full of information and data.Surveying scenes and analyzing reports for anomalies and re-occurring sequential patterns is how I profile Sasquatch when applying 195 separate individual data sets.

    Couple things that stand out for me from the content above:

    Property Damage


    Other living animals dogs in particular

    All quite accurate.

    Bigfoots have shown themselves to be destructive extremely vengeful and unforgiving with an almost childlike petulance. They are not pets. They are not to be trifled with. They are not human. The more you know.


    Amy you said: “I said the Bible is a work of fiction, knobby said it wasn’t. So what? We don’t agree.”

    So what? Do you want to travel down that path?

    Your cavalier statement is provocative and insulting. Whether you (we) (they) or (others) are speaking of the Koran or the Bible to the Christian and Muslim faith both are sacred, and there are parameters and boundaries you do not cross. They are to be respected. Whatever faith you choose is your choice your business not mine. Just be respectful of mine.

    Your flippant words places this entire platform in peril. Cavalier statements directed toward any religion is provocative and insulting. It imperils Wes Germer’s Sasquatch Chronicles. I was hoping that you understand I am not criticizing you my friend, but I am telling you sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor.



    Bears are sustenance for Squatches:

    Illustration#1 Reporting person says pot growers stumbled into a crater filled with “thousands” of carcasses and bones of all sort of animals including moose, deer and bear all of which had huge gnaw marks and toothy indentations (Ontario)

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