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    Perfectly reported Andrew.


    Sure my pleasure no problem Shannon.


    Hello Shannon D. – If I were looking for the podcast it could be located on You Tube easily under the name Rolling the Bones. with Grizzly Chris & Gumshoguy both former police officers. I stopped speaking at conferences and feel podcasting fits my liking well. The fiest, Rolling the Bones link and the latter is a recent interview with another podcast in the midwest. There is nother large podcast interview on Trailer Trash there he dives deep into my last name and our ancestral ties to the Republic of Texas. Enjoy!


    Hello NW Mike, very nice post thank you. I agree with you. Allegan county truly is a different kind of place. Anytime you have or hear of Michigan Bigfoot reports please send them my way. I am good steward of reports and I love teaching people.

    It takes patience,time and care to cultivate friendships in order to develop trust with people.I get a lot of anonymous information and some have a preference for anonymity others do not. Those that do, I honor their wishes respectively almost to a fault.

    While it may appear easy NW Mike, it is wrought with obstacles and bumps too.

    I get nasty hateful encounters from people as well. Mainly from those who seek to exploit what I do for selfish personal monetary gain. The bold few feign interest and curiosity but demask themselves and reveal themselves as extremely forward people who unabashedly feel entitled to all of my work, and who have no problem demanding that of me.


    Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner
    Do You Believe in Coincidences?

    #1 All animals killed by head injuries and having their necks broken or twisted (Florida)
    #2 BF breaks neck of deer almost in half second. Hairy apelike Bigfoot beats and yells in victory (*Alabama)
    #3 BF chased and grabbed antler of buck and pulled it close grabbed the other antler and snapped its neck (North Dakota)
    #4 BF killed described it only as like a gorilla because it had been tearing apart his horses and cattle (Missouri)
    #5 Man found dead with broken neck days after reportedly seeing Bigfoot (Oklahoma)
    #6 Campers found “giant unknown tracks” next to body of his dead partner whose neck was broken and who had four great fang marks in his throat (Idaho)
    #7 Injured -Police Chief’s wife is seized from behind and choked by BF “Creature” which was scared off (New York)
    #8 Killed 2 – Campers two missing, one found with broken necks and drowned (California)
    #9 Injured – Witness believes Bigfoot creature tried to suffocate him rather than punch or break his neck and still has multiple scars on my back and neck (New Jersey)


    Somebody doesn’t like me to mention it, but I will. People need to staop Romanticizing Sasquatch as “precious docile friendly pet.” They possess a decietful mask of almost child like petulance however they are anything but that. They imperfectly intelligent cunning they are unforgiving, vengeful and unpredictably dangerous.

    This parroted narrative of narrative is for the benifit of profiteers and big industry.


    Free. Secure. Nationwide.
    NamUs provides technology, forensic services, and investigative support to resolve missing person and unidentified remains cases.

    NamUs now providing free DNA testing and anthropology services for missing and unidentified persons cases. Learn more about these services.

    Note: From firsthand experience 25 1/2 years of srivce retired in good standing. Instructing fellow law enforcement officers in two of Michigan’s largest community colleges, author of published article Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Orgnized Crime Intelligence Netork, feature on History/A&E channel as SME subject matter expert and former licensed private investigator off-duty. I searched for then located young male missing 30-31 years from native Ohio home in Houston, Texas following his disappearance in Louisiana.

    I utilized and employed old fashion gumsho tenacity did my own investigation and research, interviews and took mDNA specimen swabs. I met some great people there.

    I returned his remains to his family and eulogized his service then retired the following work day. I had seen enough. His case remains a cold case homicide unsolved to this day. That groupsite is funded by DOJ. ~Val


    Thank you Craig. Thank you Steve B.
    This topic always tweaks my interest.

    Missing Persons List of Possibilities

    Bigfoot Sasquatch
    Combinations of all the above
    Human Trafficking
    Mental illness i.e. Depression, suicide
    Misadventure i.e. risky behavior or careless behavior, accidents
    Other worldly predators ie. Sasquatches, Wolves, Bears
    Ritualistic human sacrifices
    Some other unworldly predators
    Volunteer missing


    Hello Craig, Thank you for posting those links. I looked at each and everyone of them. I agree they would be fine for figure appeasing compilations but dishing out Sopranos gabagool, is the same deceptive NPS Spaghetti served up without any meat and sauce… is like serving the dish to a food connoisseur and tell them this is your Spaghetti.

    To say it another way, I read and found those sites well done yet lacking in details that can be tossed and turned, weighed and measured examined in proper gumsho ways.

    May I ask out of curiosity is your interest in this topic?


    Steve B: Thank you guys for sharing that information the sound weapon. It makes sense.

    I’ve been fine just moving along on in my life’s journey. Living and learning life’s lessons.

    I co-host a podcast every Sunday 6:00PM est., Rolling the Bones, and interview people. Anyone know or have somebody that might be interested?

    I study read and research. I am extremely systematic in what I do.

    Basically, I read, analyze, weigh, measure and flag specific key terms relevant to the Bigfoot topic. As data miner researcher I created four (4) databases applying 211 separate data points with specific topic subjects.

    I have the largest Michigan Bigfoot perpetual [non static] databases. Michigan happens to be one of them. After more than 130,000 reports from Michigan and all across North America I have concluded there is abundance of information and detail to learn and know.


    Linear thinkers view a problem as a process with a set starting point that follows a sequence of connected series, ultimately leading to a solution. It’s also known as sequential thinking because it follows a stepwise progression. Linear thinkers view a problem as a process with a set starting point that follows a sequence of connected series, ultimately leading to a solution. It’s also known as sequential thinking because it follows a stepwise progression.

    As a gumshoe guy the thoughts flow in a straightforward logical way, and I then progress in a stepwise fashion. The more you know.

    One final side note: I’m not totally sold on the “Dogman” hysteria guys. I get and totally understand the high strangeness involved in Bigfootery, I really do. That makes for a long conversation for another day. That is some of the things I learned and discovered along the way.

    ~Gumshoguy (Val)


    Wolf said: “IMO, Highly probable Gummy. No way could a kid survive that long in those conditions by himself…” —————— I concur. In situations like that the child was lucky to have been returned. I beleive the decision to return and relocate a missing unharmed is largely dependent upon the pressure or level of response the people give it.


    Hello Steven B & Roy P, what is the source of frequency of somebody beaming out a frequency that “Sasquatches hate,” this is first that I’ve heard of that. I’m dubious of the source and the credentials of the source? if Wes mentioned it I’d still like to know where he acquird that information and question that source.


    Hello Wolf, Your thread MISSING CHILD ‘TAKEN’ BY BIGFOOT? What is your postiiton on this topic? Possible or probable?


    Bearitis= It was a bear, bears did it, Lionitis = Lions did it, or Pantheritis = Pantheritis or Eagleitis = Eagles did it.

    It is a lazy disorganized leap of faith answer often without thought or basis in fact by individuals who know litte about Bigfootery and for that reason never beleived it in the first place yet, they are prepared to take the time and opportunity to push their parroted narratives without serious study research and analysis.

    Just a thought: When you see topics such as this use what God gave us all, a brain between two our ears and think. 55 gallon steel in tree, deer in tree, tires in trees, vehicle in tree, bear in tree, cougar, wolf, horse, large rocks in trees.

    In most all of these task it requires super physical strength dexterity and endurance not claws or paws either.

    When Bear and Lionitis fans exhuast themselves of ridiculous claims they change tactics and slip in their “Trump card” claiming tornado then you will look for supporting evidence of predicate catastraphic wind damage.


    Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner
    BIGFOOT TYPE INJURY AOD “Atlanto Occipital Dislocation”

    What I share here is from the heart and my insight and mostly my own unique opinion. I am giving you an insight to what I know and see and what others have reported. You can agree or not. Just do not troll here or be profane about it.

    As a calling card similar to hanging trophies in trees another common practice often found communicating associated with ‘possible’ Bigfoot involvement is AOD “Atlanto Occipital Dislocation” or serious neck break conveys a subtle and unmistakable message to brand its handy work. There are many examples.

    When you read and analyze reports you critique yourself. You look for factors to count or discount one or more known (emphasis known) factors and attributes of Sasquatch behavior i.e. tracks, location of previous history or previous sightings, stick or tree formations etc.

    All information is excerpted sample illustrations collected for relevancy from hundreds of thousands of reports across North America. There are irrefutable patterns of events identified and flagged as Bigfoot related.

    To learn and recognize these patterns is to learn and know Bigfoot activity.

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