Oct 10

Mattsquatch Presents: King of the Mountain

Matt writes “Sasquatch is the master of his domain and King of the mountain. But sometimes there are thing bigger and badder then Sasquatch in the woods.”

5 Responses to “Mattsquatch Presents: King of the Mountain”

  1. Asheim

    Mountain Giants, would love to have a show about them but very little known and only rare sightings. Now what in the world are they???

  2. Lewis S

    The fisherman was on a boat with other folks and the bear was trying to stay ahead of the big guy. The crew weighed anchor and went further from shore. The bigfoot went after the bears trail. If we are talking about the same incident in Alaska. Bigfoot and dogman hate each other, even taking sides when bigfoot cause problem for people. The bigfoot in Tulare county run in 2 sizes including those you call mountain giants.

    • Robert B

      Lewis S I live in Germany near Stuttgart in the South West of the country. This country, as well as Austria to the south, and Scandinavia to the north are completely infested by both Bf and DM. Unfortunately there are very very few researchers to cover all this ground. Up near Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, which is about an hour and a half north of me, Bf and DM seem to hang out together quite a bit. I have heard of cases in the US where Bf has taken on DM in order to protect humans, but over here it doesnt seem to apply. Both of the species (whatever they are), for some reason are much more, forgive the label, docile when it comes to humans, than in the US. I don’t know why. Occasionally while in the woods, I have had things thrown at me, rocks and acorns and small branches mainly. I’ve had loud vocals pointed at me to scare me out of the area. But not even so much as a bluff charge for the 4 years I’ve been here. And I’ve been very up close a few times during these displays. All of the other stuff that Bf is known for, tree structures, mimicking and such, it’s exactly the same here as there. But they just don’t get violent. The only thing I can think of that might be different, is here they don’t have to worry about being shot. This country is almost completely gun free. There are a few hunters here, but the hoops you have to go through in order to get a gun license, really isn’t worth it. And if you did have a gun license, the quickest way to lose it would be to take it out in the woods. There is no 2nd Amendment here in Europe, except Switzerland. There the government encourages citizens to own firearms. Even after the mandatory ages of militia service. The rest of Europe is stricter than California and NY. Bob in Germany

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