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Man recounts seeing a sasquatch while driving a logging road

Witness Account:

1991, Washington State a friend and I borrowed another friends truck, skipped school and went bass fishing.It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when we decided to head home.We were driving down a gravel road that connected with the main line logging road. As we approached the main line road we noticed this creature to the right.It was about 80 yards away,and it started moving away from us very fast.The creature disappeared around a bend in the road about 125yards away.We sat there for a half a minute looking at each other in disbelief.Then we took off down toward where he went around the bend.When we got there the creature was about 200 yards down the road.It looked back towards us and went into the brush.When we got down there we shut the truck off and could hear rustling brush for about 20 seconds,but we couldn’t see it.That was that.I grew up my whole life out in the woods,hunting, fishing,and hiking.I know all the animals in the area well,we know what we saw.It was unbelievable,we were close enough to get a good look at it.I was 18 at the time,now Im 36 and i can still see its face,its body,and its walk.The creature was at least 7′-8′ tall,with long brownish red hair. It was a Sasquatch for sure. We never really talked about it to many people. All I know is these things are out there.

Additional Information:

jesse_Sasquatch-photo_thBoth young men were very upset. The friend of the witness was the most frightened. The witness said that his friend was terribly upset and disturbed by the incident for a long time. He has since lost contact with his friend.

The witness was able to provide good description of what he saw. The first thing he noticed was the sheer massive size. The build was bulky. He said it was at least eight feet tall. Its shoulders were four feet wide (he is in construction, and compared the size to the width of a sheet of plywood…good comparison).

He said that the head was cone shaped, but not pointy. It had no neck and he could see the trapezium muscles connecting the shoulders to the head when it turned to look back at them. The head was large, and the face was black skinned. The mouth and lower jaw area was between 10-12 inches wide. Its face was more round shaped than oval. The upper legs were thick, and then thin below the knee. The bottoms of the feet he said were of particular note because they were light tan colored, in contrast to the rest of the creature. The arms were long, and the hands extended almost to the knees. The hands were black skinned. Its hair was 3-4 inches long. It was dark brown with some reddish tint. He was not able to get a look at its eyes or nose due to the distance.

I asked him how it walked. He said that it walked fast, but did not run. It walked with knees that were always bent. It walked very smoothly. Its posture was slightly bent forward.

This man, who is 36 now, lives in Montana. He is a life-long outdoorsman who has harvested deer, elk, and bear. He would not mistake a bear for this creature. His knowledge of the wildlife makes his observation reliable.

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  1. Robert P

    I can believe a couple of 18 year old guys would follow a massive animal like that. At 250 feet you get a pretty good look. Me on the other hand would have gone the other way. Self preservation.

      • Jason M

        Plagiarism or not, it’s bad karma to lift content from another site and claim it as your own without crediting the source. Giving proper credit is known as a “hat tip” in blogging. However, lifting *free* content and charging us for it is dishonest, and Wes should stop the practice before he gets called out.

          • Jason M

            I make a perfectly valid point intended to keep Wes from getting in trouble, and all you got is sarcasm! Really?! Weak, John. Weak.

          • Jason M

            Wes: In that case, just give a hat tip to the source where you got the blog materials. Then you’re fine. Don’t get me wrong…I’m a fan of SC and was one the first members. The other commenters who think this is no big deal or who think I’m not being appreciative of your work have apparently never run a website. I have coded and provided content for several. It’s a “Dick move”(TM) to take someone else’s work and claim it as your own. SC is better than. You are better than that. Do the right thing and keep SC on the QT. Don’t give the show ‘s true enemies any ammo.

  2. Eddie M

    Shoot when I was 18…we’d probably messed around and got hurt cause we’d stayed with thing til it got aggravated or got away…we couldn’t have stood it…

  3. Alan W

    Hello, I am enjoying my Membership with S. C. very much! I feel they work very hard to bring us the latest news and interview! Being a long time hand loader…competitive shooter and big game hunter, I wanted to share with my brothers and sisters on bullet choice in the woods for possible danger zones., not only for an attack by Big Foot, but also a Bear attract. So many times I read that people choose hollow point rounds. This is a huge mistake. As in all hunting and defense the bullet must penetrate a vital area. The shooter should practice with the weapon to place the shots in a vital area. Hollow points are for close range city use. Kinda silly for a 400 pound or plus beast. Train to shoot your shots well…full metal jackets in those little “city poppers” Really, have you ever been deep the the Rocky Mountains and just had a 9 or 45 ?
    I use 44 mag….hard cast bullet….lots of H110…I also learned fast draw..Please upgrade your skills so I don ‘t have to read about you missing too.Full metal jackets placed into a vital area is the only chance you got.These must be big boned in the chest area. so penetrating rounds should be used.

  4. Kay S

    Patrick G, I feel sorry for you. This constant aggression must be covering up a great deal of insecurity. If you dislike SC so much why do you continue to follow the content?

  5. Stephanie G

    Patrick, Though your point was well taken by Wes, I think the manner in which you made it was vitriolic. The same point could have been made in a more clement manner. Personally, I enjoy every item, posted from other sources or not, and I thank Wes for ferreting them out for me so I don’t have to go searching. Continue on, Wes.

  6. Linda G

    I agree with Stephanie. I do not have the time to find reports from other sources. I appreciate what Wes has done and is currently doing, regardless of the source. Wes is a real gentleman in my opinion. He treats people respectfully. Being kind goes a long way. ?

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