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Man out walking for exercise at local track has unexpected encounter

Witness Observation

I am a 56 year old of sound mind with many of those years spent hunting and exploring Liberty County and other East Texas woods and bottoms. I continue my passion of wilderness back-packing with recent trips to the toughest areas in Big Bend National Park and a solo backpack on the Eagle Rock Loop in Arkansas’ Ouachitas (where I came face-to-face with a bear). I am cautious but composed when I get into the woods and not inclined to overreact to critical incidents in the wilds.

z0The other night (Tuesday) while walking at an edge of Liberty that leads down toward unhabited Trinity bottoms, I saw something. Disclaimer: although I did see something, I acknowledge that minds play tricks on perceptions and imaginations fill-in gaps around what eyes see and don’t see. I have taken several days to soberly sift the conclusion that I will now share.

At about 10:30 P.M. I was walking along an area on the edge of Liberty that leads down toward the Trinity bottoms. My mind was completely at ease and drifting around various projects, backpacking memories, and dreams of a purchasing a new gun. The night was clear and I was enjoying the moon and stars. I was carrying my trusty old golf club for safety.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, a supercharged adrenaline rush focused all of my concentration on movement on my side of a tree located about 50 yards in front of me. You have experienced these moments – from day dreams to instantly tense, all-in fight-or-flight. In a fraction of a second my arms and hands began tingling, my ears rang with a TV static kind of sound, and my vision and hearing became sharply acute. Whether or not my perception is accurate, this instantaneous physiological rush was 100% real. It was a time-stands-still, brief loss of motor skills moment.

My adrenaline focus involuntarily targeted a large (shoulder-high to the lower limbs of sizable trees) bi-pedal something walking deliberately around a tree and down toward the bottoms. The walk was upright but a little hunched from upper-mid-back up and the head was erect. Color: a burnished red-grey (more on the grey in a second). The walk was the swaying gait of a Star Wars wookie, but quite a bit less exaggerated with knees sightly bent. The swinging arc of the right arm was very visible (relative to my location, “it” was walking from left to right) and I saw that the arm-wrist-hand was somewhat longer than normal human proportions. “It” used its left hand to push aside a limb. “It” took a brief, glancing look at me and and moonlight (the center of the face was less hairy and seemed to be slightly more grey) made visible the standard eyes-nose-forehead-jaw features of a hairy face. This glance did not slow “its” motion, in fact the deliberate motion became more purposeful as it pushed around the tree and back into thicker trees.

Note: this was a two or three second glimpse before the “it” disappeared into thicker trees and brush.

My reaction was instant. I called my wife on my cell phone and told her that I saw something and that I was getting the heck out out of there fast. Instead of following the trail (it would have taken me nearer to the location of the glimpse) I tore straight through from where I stood to a gate out of the area and closer to more developed Liberty.

Time and Conditions

10:30 pm – The sky was not perfectly clear, but there was enough moon to see. Note: at this end of the track, the school’s lighting has only a little effect and is not strong.


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    • m99

      I used to live down the hwy from that town. One morning while checking my email and drinking my coffee, I had that odd feeling someone was looking at me. I turned to the left, and there standing on my patio was a utility worker staring at me sitting at my desk in my nightgown. I called the office to complain and was told I’d have to have a smart meter installed. I said NO I WONT and I’ll sue your butts if anyone from your office stares in at me like that again! He was actually peeping through a slice of opened curtain! There had been a bunch of murders in that area and it really freaked me out. It wasn’t a BF but it was scary. And yes, that Trinity river area is spooky. I bet this guys carries more that a golf club out and about in the future. Good post. Thank you Wes.

  1. WindshieldSquatcher

    I’m gonna check that out next time I go through there. I know of a city park that’s on the edge of the woods there that is a likely spot from what I heard.

  2. Patricia R

    One can search for TexasBigfootResearchConservancy and be redirected to the NAWAC site—I don’t know why they changed the name, but they have a map of the four state area of Tx,La,Ok, and Ar, and you can read many witness accounts, county by county and Liberty County is one with over a dozen encounters.
    They are all very interesting.
    One of my favorites is from Travis County, some military men with a K9 dog.

  3. Dave T

    If that track backs directly up to a large thick wooded area, I’ll bet the BFs sneak up there all the time and watch people using the track especially if kids are playing out there. Very eerie, just thinking those big bastards so close people.

  4. Andrew W

    The track he was walking at is on Liberty High School property on Jefferson Dr.,Liberty,Tx.He must have been somewhere in the north turn for the pic to match up I believe.Plenty of easy routes for a Squatch to use including railways,powerlines.I love trying to figure out where sightings happen.Lots of times there is even a Google Streetview to look at.

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