Jan 7

Lost River Legends: Mattsquatch Presents

LRL writes “Matt is a bigfoot researcher with a vast array of topics found on his ever growing Mattsquatch Presents youtube channel. An engineer by training he approaches things with a no-nonsense angle of attack and provides some excellent bitesized morsel videos on his channel.

He recently presented a fascinating and very comprehensive Ten Types of Bigfoot lecture for MUFON that will leave the average viewer with many concerns about going into the woods alone. His vast knowledge of paranormal topics and conspiracies in general make for great conversation.

In this two-part interview we explore a wide range of topics with a focus on Antarctica and the mysteries surrounding this vast and hard-to-reach region. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes it just makes sense.”

They are available on your favorite podcast players as well as YouTube.


6 Responses to “Lost River Legends: Mattsquatch Presents”

  1. Kris G

    Wes, I just have to respond to the Brenton Sawin episode that you posted the other day “Scary Bigfoot Stories at New Home”…..Very disturbing to say the least! How I wish she had contacted you instead….I think you would have discussed serious options and the need to leave that trailer. Those creatures took the “goat lady” and gruesomely killed the horse. They most likely ate all the goats. She has repaired the front door which had been destroyed once. Scary!!!…They are terrorizing her, and I think it is only a matter of time and situation. I am worried for her and pray she escapes their aggression.

  2. Donna R

    You guys just lost me when you mentioned listening to the Alex Jones show. I will never again listen to anything you two people put on here or anywhere else.

  3. Holise C

    I am new here. I have never had an encounter [besides a slap on my travel trailer], but my brother has recently shared his experience with me. I have always been a believer and I am moved on how Wes has created a place wherein people may share their experiences. He is truly a hero. God bless you all.

    • Donna R

      Dee G~Oh you bet ya I do promise. Alex Jones has brought the word sleeze to new levels of low, with his outrageous false statements in which he and the others at Infowars have developed, amplified and perpetuated claims that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged and that the 26 families who lost loved ones that day are paid actors who faked their relative’s deaths. The dirt on the bottom of my shoes is better than Alex Jones.

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