Sep 6

Loch Ness Monster Revealed

Loch Ness monster experts have revealed the truth about the creature. We take a look at this recent news about the Loch Ness monster. Every single year researchers and scientists have been discovering new species of animals. In fact it’s thought that around 1,000 new species are discovered every year.



This means there are a massive amount of animals currently unknown to science. Over the years however we have heard interesting stories of giant creature. Possibly one of the biggest ocean mysteries is that of the search for the Loch Ness Monster.


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  1. Maynard w

    The ‘eel theory’ seems like the most plausible especially when you consider that some eels get very large when certain environmental conditions are met. But a plesiosaur would be way cooler.

  2. Ed M

    I had read awhile back that the lake didn’t have enough biomass to support a viable population of any large organisms such as reported by witnesses. The mystery endures.

  3. Steven B

    I believe there is something else to it…there have been eye witnesses that have seen the creature on land – don’t know of any “land eels” especially of the description that witnesses give.

    • Steven B

      My question with the DNA analyis:

      1. Are they 100%+ sure that they can get trace DNA from EVERY living creature in the Loch?
      2. Do they look for DNA that has NO match to anything known?

      As a Computer Programmer – in programs it is relatively simple to find what exists – harder to find that which is missing. For example: it would be easy to make a list a students that have a Biology course. It is more complex to find the students that don’t. Do they have “plesiosaur DNA” samples. They can only assume to what living creature it MAY be close to. Do they throw out any DNA that doesn’t match what is known? Do they assume that non-matches are errors?

      I’m not saying that what people are seeing is a plesiosaur, but there have been some sighting of some kind of creature that was on land and headed into the loch or was near the loch. I also remember a photo that was apparently taken in the loch where an underwater camera got an image of some kind of flipper on a large creature of some sort. Until they can actually show me a definitive evidence of this gigantic “eel”, other than, “this is all our “smaples” could come up with, I cannot help but sense they are missing something. This is also a worldwide phenomenon and many eyewitnesses that get a close up look do not describe a huge eel.

  4. Martin D

    Oddly enough my wife and I were on holiday at Loch Ness when we listened to Wes’ podcast about the 4,296 type of Sasquatch across North America. We saw two monsters that day, small ones, but they were in the car.

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