Jun 18

Tonight’s Show: Living Off Grid Update

On Episode 528 I spoke to Wyman.  He lives off grid near the Columbia River in Washington State.

Wyman says “In 2015 these things showed up on my property. I didn’t know what they were. So much has happened, they killed my dog and my goat.I have seen the creatures a few times. There is a gray one that seems to hang around. There is a black one I have seen and he only has one eye. It is strange, this whole situation is strange. They throw rocks at my home. I really do not understand why they are here. I feel like they are trying to run me off of my property.”

Wyman has been emailing me with updates on what is going on. He has sent several pictures I need to go through. Here is a couple of the ones he sent me. The last time we spoke I told him to setup gamecams to get them to back away from the property. They seem to be messing with and tearing down his gamecams.








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  1. STEVE W

    As crazy as it might sound , He needs to talk to them and tell them to stop and he will take game cameras down every place but his home , His home is off limits and so is his animals , Buy a handcannon and keep it on his side and tell them I don’t want any trouble , But I will defend my home and animals , At least some BF understand our language,

  2. theresa m

    Poor guy! These creatures obviously feel like he can be trifled with but if he shoots one, they are known to retaliate. I wish him well and I hope he finds someone to help him.

  3. Jeffrey E

    Interesting! If you are able to get pics, it seems like you could switch the cameras to video mode and get some interesting video clips. I agree, it sounds like they want to drive you off your property. There is a water war going on right now in the west coast states. I wonder if you have water rights to the Columbia river or if there is anything else special about your property. Have you dug into the ground recently?

  4. Kathy K

    Yes antifreeze seems like the way to go or sweeten up some battery acid and soak some apples in the mixture.. throw them out in the yard ,like you want to be friends..Play hard ball.. Don’t forget the spot lights surrounding your house! I wish you the best..

  5. Jon W

    Has anyone ever tried scattering moth balls on property lines ? … or a perimeter around a house?
    “Old fashioned “ moth balls with Naphthalene ham will usually repel anything.

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