Jan 22

Listen: Yowie sighting at Brooklyn, New South Wales


3 kids (brothers and sisters), were going for a walk in the bush at the back of their Grandmothers house when they were confronted by a Yowie about 100m from the water.

31 Responses to “Listen: Yowie sighting at Brooklyn, New South Wales”

  1. Kim

    She was afraid, and couldnt believe what she had seen. Your mouth tends to get ahead of you, you cant get it out fast enough. Plus with her dialect it makes it hard to follow.

  2. Harvey78

    Hello friends from US and other. I am from Australia and she is speaking fast and has a what we call Bogan voice. I don’t mean to disrespect her but she is clearly excited,nervous and that speeds up her voice. A very good clear observation of what must have been a underwear changing moment. PS we don’t all sound like that. Lol

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