Mar 2

Listen: Something very large yelling

Researcher Brenda Harris and Jon Lee go out to the Hogback area for a stakeout night for bigfoot activity. These are their recordings of that night.

6 Responses to “Listen: Something very large yelling”

  1. Frankie P

    Brenda, that is awesome! You could really hear it well. I wonder what it was drumming on? Sounded like an oil drum or hollow log practically! And the whoops! Whoa….

    Thank you!

  2. Dan M

    That is definitely squatch activity! Just my opinion but this is an example of audio being better than some modified, hoaxed or “blobsquatch” video.

  3. Karey E B

    That last recording….my cat just bolted from the room. Woke up out of a dead sleep…eyes huge…and booked outa here! He’s now puffed up…you should see this!

  4. Kathryn C

    I was most amazed by the drumming sounds. It actually sounded amplified. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is definitely one of my favorite Sasquatch sounds. ( My favorite sounds are the chattering – but that drumming was just awesome)

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