May 27

Legendary Native American Figures: Stick Indians

In the traditions of many Salish and other Northwest Indian tribes, Stick Indians are malevolent and extremely dangerous forest spirits.

Details about Stick Indians vary from tribe to tribe (they are described as large, hairy bigfoot-like creatures by the Salish, and as forest dwarves by the Cayuse and Yakama.) In some traditions Stick Indians have powers to paralyze, hypnotize, or cause insanity in hapless humans, while in others, they merely lead people astray by making eerie sounds of whistling or laughter in the woods at night.

In some stories Stick Indians may eat people who fall prey to them, kidnap children, or molest women. They also take aggressive revenge against people who injure or disrespect them, no matter how unintentionally.

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  1. NW Mike

    I live in eastern Washington where the Stick Indians are said to roam. Here they are big hairy giants. They will hypnotize people and horses. They will steal human women as mates.They have sired half-human offspring. Around Mt. St. Helens they might eat you. If you speak about them, it gets their attention, and they will come to find out what you are saying about them. They come in the night, whistling and throwing rocks. Beware!

  2. m99

    Wow, I love the variety of information from the First Nations people. Wouldn’t it be a different world had we listened a little better and a little longer to these experienced people? Thanks Wes for your willingness to venture into where this subject leads.

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