Nov 23

KBRO: Bigfoot Stalks Deer Like Sprinter

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes ” Interview during Cryptid Con 2022. Eric graciously shared his Bigfoot sighting with us!”

Location: Fayette County, Alabama
Date: Early Winter 2008 – Time: 3:30AM


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  1. Tim M

    This is very interesting. I have never heard of one seen in a a spinter position while hunting. it sounds to me like there was more then one Bigfoot on this hunt. seems like a very sincere man. Thanks for sharing Wes.

  2. Shane B

    awesome! I’m from Walker country, right next to Fayette Co. Most of NWest Central AL is Heavly wooded not far from TnTom waterway linking TN River to AL river and Tombigbee River in West AL.

  3. Charles R

    A few years back I read of an amazing witness to a Bigfoot hunt on a cove of a lake NW of Birminham. Gentleman was working on his Father’s porch roof and heard all this comotion across the cove, not a long distance. He witnessed a deer running along the shore with a large Bigfoot running after it. All of a sudden another Bigfoot came out of the woods above the deer and and tackled the deer into the lake. Then quickly dispatched the deer in the water with a blow breaking its neck, and then put the deer over its shoulder and proceeded back into the woods followed by the other Bigfoot.

  4. Linda B

    Wow. First of all, I feel so sorry for the witness. You can tell it really hurt his feelings and disappointed him when his family and somebody who should have stood by him, his witness, bailed on him while he’s struggling to cope with what he saw. I imagine it helps to share the encounter with people who believe him but he really needs the support of his family. How would they feel if the tables were turned. Poor guy he needs to hook up with some knowers as there are friends who stick closer than a brother. Love the story in the comments section
    here and the other comments from the same area. Thank you Wes!

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