Feb 2

KBRO: “Bigfoot Makes Marine A Believer”

Charlie Raymond from the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Marine watches a Bigfoot walk across his backyard! He never believed in Bigfoot prior to his sighting.”

7 Responses to “KBRO: “Bigfoot Makes Marine A Believer””

  1. Linda B

    What a shock to see this on your own property. He said he’d be in touch if he were to see anything else. It’s scarier when you have them at your house. Glad he didn’t feel necessarily threatened by this thing. You do learn if you are ever on the phone with someone who has an experience like this, it’s best not to tell anyone, let the witness do the talking, so your friend the witness has some confidentiality if that’s what they want.

  2. L S

    Great interview! Thank you for your service, Sir, I have much respect for you. I wonder what you think about the gov’s handling of this issue. Do they know? I’m pretty sure they do. Are they hiding it, and Why?

  3. Charles R

    I like witnesses like this marine as he only states what he observed. Booneville is smack dab in the Daniel Boone National Forest, of which I have heard and read a good many sightings over the past 18 months. It well could be this Bigfoot and maybe others if it has a family use the cave, although by the description of it’s build it may be a younger one.

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