Sep 13

Jerry Cline Bigfoot and Dogman; 911 calL

Brenton Sawin writes “Jerry tells about his Bigfoot attack on his camper. The LBL story about Dogman has more to it than you think. Sasquatch stories and other research stories you must hear.”

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  1. Darren H

    Separate topic question…
    Anybody familiar or know where to find the very brief footage of a BF taking a few HUGE, Very Agile steps going up a 45 degree or better steap incline, then disappearing into the trees on the side of a hill or mountain?
    Seen it once years ago and haven’t been able to find it since!

    • Daniel D

      Darren, I believe what you’re talking about was a video Todd Standing supposedly took, into found that footage of great interest because the terrain whoever or whatever this thing was traversing was very steep and looked to be that slippery shale or or other stone and indeed it did take some very long steps for a person. I’d check Todd’s website if it’s still up since supposedly he has quite the Bigfoot stuff. I’m sure it’s on the net somewhere if you keep looking. Good luck!

  2. Bal G

    I have always been intrigued by the family of four that was slaughtered in the LBL. It sounds like it was a genoskwa or wendigo, not a Dogman. Having listened to Duke, he talks about these creatures having claws, and a very nasty disposition. Would love to hear what Duke thinks of this account.

  3. Doug F

    Was the family that was killed @ LBL ever identified? It’s been a long enough time that I think someone who was determined enough might be able to find out the name of the family

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