Sep 9

It’s eyes were real real evil, real sinister looking, the look it was giving me

You hear Mike Wooley in the intro of the show talking about his encounter. Sybilla Irwin is one of the best sketch artist’s out there (in my opinion) and she sketched what Mike saw that day. (See below)


Sybilla has created many drawings for eye witnesses and she has a great website showing what people have seen. It is interesting to see the different types of these creatures. You can understand looking at these drawings why some people say it looked like a monkey, ape and person. Check out her website here.

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  1. Trent M

    Mike’s encounter lasted much longer than most and he got to really look at the creature. I’m glad Sybilla was able to capture it so well so that the rest of us can “see” what Mike saw from a place of safety.

  2. Curly N.S.

    Agreed, looks like the hairy natives that the natives themselves have talked about. I always thought his description was diff from majority of accounts. Not an encounter at tthe same time i woulda liked to have been thru:x

  3. Michael L

    Excellent website, the drawings are the best views of what these cannibal monsters look like. I remember the one Indian looking one from a Youtube encounter where a bow was chased out of his tree stand, which later was destroyed…

  4. Susan B

    Weird is all I can say. Doesn’t look real, as if it’s meant to be a joke. Doesn’t look very “sinister” to me either. In fact looks kind of comical. But who am I to say what is scary and what isn’t to another person. Basically, it looks like Native American male in a gorilla suit. Rather odd, I must say. That said, Sybilla is an amazing artist.

    • Susan B

      All joking aside, so many of them look very human in the face. I guess that shows that shows the extreme DNA differences in them because others look like giant upright apes. The red-headed one from Oklahoma looks like it could be one of my family members – seriously. Then the one blonder one from Texas with the long hair looks a lot like my uncle Mike in a hair suit. So strange. The apish, no neck ones seem scarier to me.

  5. Rob C

    Chilling to think these things are running around down there. It does look evil. I’d be interested to know if Mike Wooley thought the drawing matched his own sighting.

  6. Seamus J. C

    That one with no hair on its face at all, and the snarly grimace showing its teeth–seems to me I’ve seen that before. David Paulides (I think) had an artist (Sybill?) draw a bigfoot minus the facial hair, and that is the exact drawing. Paulides remarked that, without the hair, the BF really resembled Native Americans.

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