Jan 28

It was was walking on two feet

A listener writes “In 2006, not too far from where I live in Arizona with a Mogollon Monster. While camping in the Prescott Wilderness with a friend.

We had gone up Pine Mountain just down from the Mogollon Rim, past the abandoned town of Dugas. We hiked in about a Mile on the Friday and made camp. On the way in we had a Elk Cow come up the hill and jump in front of my truck. It was in a real hurry to get up out of the area. We looked and saw nothing , nor heard anything. We though it might be a Mountain lion. But usually they are hot on the trail of prey. there was nothing that followed.

On Sat Night we were back in camp (Camp, like I mentioned was about a mile in on the trail that leads up a canyon with a stream fed by a spring), it was on the spot on what had been a old ranch ( no buildings left , just overgrown with some old rock foundation and a few fruit trees that had gone wild)

That evening we settled down after eating. Went to sleep. We were just sleeping on ground sheets with blanket. Primitive camping next to the stream and just down from the spring. In the middle of the night . I woke from a dead sleep to a sound coming from the brush around our camp, toward where the stream is. At first I thought it was either a javelina or a bear. But something didn’t sound right. I realized what ever it was was walking on two feet. It came VERY close. All the while I was confused with what I was hearing. It did not make sense to my ears. I have done a fair amount of camping and back packing in the wilderness for up to a week at a time and primitive camping as well as hunting. I have ran across a lot of various animals , lion, bear , deer javalina elk.

This did not sound anything like them at all. At one point I thought it was a person , but then thought “Why would there be another person way out here . We are literally miles from anyone and we saw no one that day or the day before , except a ranger.

I was very scared at this point & felt as though I could not move . I felt like I could not speak. Finally after a lot of work internally I stood up and Yelled (Came out more embarrassingly more like a yodeling high pitch screech. At that point I head a loud “Huffing” sound. Not like a bear though. Like a person who is pissed off and frustrated. It move forward violently. I could hear the branches snap and I though what ever it was would charge. Then I really yelled. LOUD. & it backed off . not running. but moved back and away at a measured pace. I laid back down and crashed. I was dead tired from the encounter.

In the Morning . I woke up just after light & felt like there was something in camp. As I was getting up off the ground I looked over my shoulder and there was a Doe who had been sleeping not more than 4 to 5 feet from us in out camp. We must have both woken up at the same time as she and I looked directly at each other. The doe got up , not quick, but in a very purposeful manner and trotted away quick into the brush. One thing I know is deer do not bed down next to humans normally. It takes something really big and bad for them to do so.”

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