Jan 15

It Was Taller Than The Truck

A listener writes “At some point, mid to late 80’sl I must have been in 5th or 6th grade, my family took a railroad trip out of Elbe on the Mt. Rainer historic railroad. This ride departs Elbe and takes you to Mineral and a logging museum.

Along the ride the train goes over a creek or river and as I was looking out the window as we crossed over a bridge, I saw a large bare foot print in the sand along the water. I don’t know if was the real thing or if was planted there as part of the ride. It was then in the mid to late 90’s, I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly what year it was. I was with a couple of friends, Mark and Lisa, we were diving back from Ocean Shores, WA. one evening. I went with them to help build a deck and spread some gravel on their vacation lot. It was dark when we drove through McCleary towards Shelton on Hwy 108. I was in the passenger seat of the truck and Lisa, Mark’s wife, was in the middle seat and Mark, of course was driving. We were just a couple of miles outside of McCleary at the bottom of a curvy hill.

When you get to to the bottom, there are a couple of houses along the road. No street lights. I was kind of nodding off when Lisa says, “what is that?” I open my eyes and I can see a blue and yellow eyeshine. as we get closer Mark slows the truck and comes to a complete stop about 20 or 30 feet away. This creature, which stands taller than Marks pick-up takes 2 giant steps up an embankment and disappears into the dark. at this time Lisa is screaming and crying, bagging Mark to go. I remember Lisa crying all the way back to Port Orchard.

I’m an avid hunter and grew up in a rural area where we didn’t have garbage service at our house so we had 8 cans that we would take to the landfill every 4-6 months. With that, we would get bears on our property every so often, so I know what we saw on the side of the road was not a bear.”

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  1. Melissa P

    Wow!! You only saw one footprint? Hopefully it was legit. Sounds like a shock of an encounter driving up on that one! Poor Lisa, I’ve never had an encounter, yet, so I can only imagine how that must have felt. Thanks for sharing.

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