Apr 11

It Took Off Smashing And Crashing Through The Trees

A listener writes “I went hunting with 2 of my uncles around 2016 in a WMA in southwest Oklahoma where I hunted solo frequently. I had one uncle ride with me and the other followed us in his truck.

We left super early around 5am out of Lawton, OK to Waurika Lake wildlife management area in Waurika, OK. We parked and had my tailgate down and both uncles had crossbows and I had my compound, and a little .38 on my hip just in case of snakes. We were gearing up on the tailgate with only the bed light barely lighting up the bed and it was pitch black 0-visibility other than the dimly lit truck bed. Maybe 15 -20 feet behind us it roared.

It started off like a growl/yell and it rattled my chest and the volume was immediately at full capacity it didn’t take any time to build up and it tapered off like a scream. In they moment all three of us jumped into the bed of my truck, asses to the cab, staring into the darkness but did not see anything. It then grunted a couple of times and then you could feel the ground shake as it took off smashing and crashing through the trees. I pulled the little pistol out and had it pointing to where the sound came from as soon as we lined up to the back window of the truck but seeing nothing I never fired it. We stayed right there for almost an hour and nobody said a word.

As first light broke we got down and each grabbed a bucket and spread out about 10 feet apart and just sat right there by the trucks. It’s like we were all trying to be tough and not talk about how terrifying it was but we were not going to leave each others sight or the vehicles to go off in the woods alone. We stayed for a couple hours then loaded up and went home. It’s been at/over 7 years now and we still have never talked about that day.

I have never heard anything like it and it was CLOSE. The only animals in the area are deer/wild hogs/and occasionally mountain lions are released on the wildlife management lands if they are caught closer to small towns, but I’ve heard big cats before and this was not that! The stomps as it ran off were definitely two legs and the crashing was ridiculous and could be heard for almost a minute. Broken branches and bent tall grass is all that could be seen when the sun came up. The ground was hard so no tracks. That was the last time I have been hunting. I’ve since moved away from SW Oklahoma to Central Texas.”

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