Jun 7

It made me nervous

A listener writes “I live in Washington state in the Graham/ Eatonville area, and have had property here and have tromped through the woods many times. My husband and brother are avid hunters, so I am familiar with the sounds of different animals tromping in the woods, as well as their noises. (They, along with my oldest son, actually had an experience several years ago while hunting. Something was throwing small rocks at them). They don’t know what or where they came from.

Back story from last weekend… my daughter and I drove to Columbia Falls, Montana for her best friends wedding. It was held at a place called North Forty Resort, which is basically a bunch of little individual cabins in the woods, with a venue towards the front of the property. Our cabin was at the very end of the “resort”. I love the outdoors, so I was really excited. Upon check in, we were told that there had been a baby bear spotted several times and they hadn’t seen mama for about three weeks. They gave us a can of bear spray. We weren’t too nervous about that, we just knew to be aware. We had just unloaded our suitcases from the trunk, and sure as shit, that baby bear (probably 1-2 years old) was right next to our cabin about 5 feet up a tree!! What a cool experience!! He came down fairly quickly, and ran off into a clearing a little ways behind our cabin. Right away, we let the owner know as he’d asked. The owner came down, but never saw it.

So we arrived Friday and we were planning on leaving Sunday. I smoke, and Friday night, I had no fear being out on our little porch in the dark smoking and just sitting and relishing the environment. I did have my bear spray, but I knew I would hear a bear coming through the woods. My daughter hung out with her best friend that evening at a campfire down the road with her best friend and her fiancé Friday night and Saturday night, so I was alone at the cabin for the better part of both evenings.

Saturday night is where I had an experience that I just kind of shrugged off at first, but have had a couple people jokingly tell me it was probably a big foot😬. Now, I wonder.

So I went outside the cabin to have a smoke about 9:30pm, and called my husband to talk with him. I had my bear spray of course. Almost right away, I heard a rustling in the bushes near where we saw the baby bear on the side of the cabin. I knew it wasn’t the bear, because the rustling sounded bigger and just like something busted through a bush. It made me nervous, and I told my husband to mute himself so I could hear better. The only thing I could hear was eerie silence. I was still on the phone with my hubby and then heard all I can describe it as was two rocks clacking together. Clack clack clack. Three times. I was even more nervous, because again, it sounded like it was coming from the backside of the cabin where we saw the baby bear. I asked my husband to mute again and again all I could hear was eerie silence. I could hear no noises. I told my husband I was super nervous and didn’t understand why. I again heard clacking or popping sounds, this time it was maybe four or five. I asked him to mute again, and then I actually did hear it again, but this time, I thought it sounded like maybe fireworks or some thing off in the distance. By this time I was super nervous. I think I had gone in and out of the cabin three times talking to my husband. I never did finish a whole cigarette. I hung up with him and went about my business in the cabin. I tried to go back out again, and couldn’t help but feeling like I was being watched. I can’t explain it. I’ve been in the woods a lot and I’ve never felt this way. I took a couple puffs off of a cigarette, and went back inside.

I tried going out again about ten minutes later. In the front of our cabin there was a small stand of fir trees, maybe 3 to 5, and some brush around them. I was sitting there and I swear to God I saw eye shine in those trees. I looked back again to see if I could see it with my flashlight on my phone and couldn’t see anything. I figured it was my imagination because I felt so nervous and like I was being watched. I just felt like I was in eminent danger for some reason. I went back into the cabin, and told my daughter to call me when she was coming back from the campfire so I could just drive down and get her instead of her walking back- because of the noises that I heard. I did tell her that I thought it was the bear, even though I really didn’t feel that it was. I kept trying to go outside and have that cigarette, but I couldn’t stand the way I felt. Nervous. Like I was being watched. The night air was SO silent. Not like normal. I went back inside, and I closed all of the curtains in the cabin.

I went outside yet again, and called my husband again. I tried to have a whole cigarette, but felt too nervous and went inside. He laughed and told me maybe it was a Sasquatch. I laughed it off.

My daughter called, so I hung up to grab it. Her best friend and now husband were driving her back to the cabin so I didn’t have to go get her. When they came in, I was telling them what I heard, and Bradley, her best friend‘s husband laughed, and said maybe it was Bigfoot. I really just kind of laughed it off again. My daughter and I tried to sleep that night although we felt nervous. An umbrella fell inside the cabin right before we were getting into bed, and I about came unglued and so did my daughter lol.

So the next morning on Sunday, we started our trek home to Washington, which is about 8 1/2 to 9 hours. We started talking about my experience the night before and what it could’ve been. We started talking about Bigfoot. She started researching and found that there have been sightings in Columbia Falls, Montana. That made my eyes get big. Then she researched rock clacking as I called it. She found that they did clack rocks together or something to that affect. It gave me goosebumps.

We decided to try to find some thing like a podcast to listen to on the way home since we had such a long drive. She found the Sasquatch Chronicles, and here we are!”

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  1. Dovie D

    Wow I got the chills. Reminded me of the feeling I had in my home. Mine was of dread and doom like I was going to die. Any smells? I think they know if you are alone at home and she is female. Seems to be a theme with them. Trust your instinct’s

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