Jan 9

It looked bigger than a body builder

A listener writes “My Grandfather told me stories of him being in Vietnam and encountering this creature.

His first encounter was when he was a sniper in Vietnam. Him and his spotter were assigned to watch a village for three days straight. The reason for it was because they had intel that the Vietcong were trafficking weapons through this village.

He said that on the first night they were 200 yards away from the village on a ridge line looking down into the village. He said between him and the village about 140 yards away there was a line of grass that stood up at least 6 foot tall in his opinion. He said that it was night but the moon light was bright and he said you could see almost perfectly. He said that him and his spotter agreed that the Vietcong would come from the grass.

So he said he started scanning the grass with his 30-06 he said that when he was scanning the grass he saw a head pop up. then he said he saw a head pop up out of the grass. He said he then quickly told his spotter “Check your one” he said he was horrified when he saw this thing crouch up and he said that you could see his chest. He said his father had always told him stories and that their eyes glowed in the dark he said he could not see any glowing eyes. He said that he saw this thing sit there for about 3 minutes until he stood up and you could see just below his chest he said you could see 3 feet of it (that means it would be around 9 foot tall) he said he looked at his spotter and his spotters eyes were big as sand dollars he said that he looked back around at the creature and it started scanning the village he said that he saw Vietcong come out of some of the houses walking to the grass and when they got to the grass they stopped.

My granddaddy told me that he had sympathy for them he said that the creature crouched down to where you could only see its head he said that he aimed at the Vietcong and fired right above ones head just to make sure that they didn’t go into the grass he said they immediately started firing towards their position he said that he ducked his head and they waited there until they went back into the houses and they waited for about two hours and didn’t see the creature again until about two hours later and they said they saw it and it was out of the grass he said that when it came out it looked bigger than a body builder and taller and he said it was about 9 foot.

He said what happen next was horrifying he said “it was trying to hide a smile” he said it was sucking its bottom lip in he said he thought he saw teeth but couldn’t be sure he said right then he fired for the neck and he said he knew he hit it when it grabbed its neck. He said the only reason it knew they was there was when he fired at the Vietcong.”

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